6 Free Personal Statement Teacher Templates And What You Have To Know

When applying for a teaching position, you should submit for the personal statement teacher in your application. The reason is to ensure the school board that you’re the passionate teacher they’re looking. For that, you have to write a personal statement perfectly to make sure they know all about your capability. In order to do that, look at these things below:

How to Write a Perfectly Personal Statement Teacher

1. Never Use More than Two Pages

The first rule when submitting the personal statement teacher CV is not to write more than two pages. The reason that if writing more than two pages, then the ones who are going to read it would lose interest. Because they have to read not only yours but others’ personal statement (and application documents) as well. The ideal length is less than one page and a half. If your finished result took more than the ideal length, then you should trim it down for at least two pages at most.

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2. Don’t Use the Same Personal Statement Twice

The second rule in never submits the same personal statement for more than one school. It means you have to rewrite every personal essay when you apply to a different school. The reason is that each school has requirements. That’s why when you’re applying for a teaching position, you have to understand for the school demand. Make the personal statement tailored especially for the school you apply.

3. Follow Teachers’ Standard from the Government

Aside from making sure the personal statement like the requirement from the school, you also should make it meet the Teachers’ Standard. Because aside to be responsible to the school board, you also take responsibility for the government. As we know, being a teacher means you would give a lesson for the future generation.

4. Detail in Your Course

Make sure the personal statement teacher you submit has a detail explanation in regarding of your course. You could include the class program you planned and how the output from that. Also, you should state your achievements among your peers in the essay. That way, the school board would know that you’re serious in pursuing your career as a teacher in the subject.

5. Emphasis Your Strength

And don’t forget to emphasize all of your strength with the subject you teach. But you should ensure that you write it smoothly. That way, the ones who read the personal statement wouldn’t feel like you’re bragging with your paragraphs. But don’t exaggerate in trying to sell yourself and telling lie at the essay.

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6. Provide Example to Backup Your Claim

In the personal statement teacher, you also should put some example to back up on what you claimed. But make sure that everything you mentioned should be true, and you can take responsibility for that. Because if you fib the school you apply for you could get into the trouble or the worst case you could get reported for fraud.

7. Make Sure to Have Good Overview of Your Skill and Experience

Once you finished the essay, take a look for the whole document. Don’t rush to finish it fast, but take your time to rescan and edit the personal essay if needed. And also, make sure that the essay says positive things over your skills and experiences. Then at the ending part, put a conclusion with an overview for the important points you mentioned before. Its purpose is to remind on what you’re capable for the position.

Templates for Personal Statement Teacher

The personal statement in teaching surely has a different structure compared to other subjects. For better understanding, you could download some of the personal statement teacher PDF files from the internet. Or you can also look at the templates below. That way, you would know what to put in the essay. And also, you could use it as a method for you to come up with a good template structure.

Personal Statement Teacher

Personal Statement Teacher

Personal Statement Teacher Dance

Personal Statement Teacher 01

Personal Statement Teacher Example

Personal Statement Teacher Example

Personal Statement Teacher Training

Personal Statement Teacher Training

Primary school teacher personal statement

Primary school teacher personal statement

Experienced teacher personal statement examples

Experienced teacher personal statement examples


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