20 Complete Templates of Nursing Personal Statement for A Job and Tips To Make The Employers Interested

Do you wish to become a nurse? If you’re applying to the hospital, you’ll need a nursing personal statement for a job. The “personal statement” term is generally used in the educational field, though. However, if a hospital asks you to make one, you can’t deny this chance. Because it might be interested with you and want to know more about you through the personal statement. Here are some tips you can apply to make it.

Explain Your Educational History

First and foremost, explain what educations you’ve through so far. You could be a polytechnic graduate or having special training as a nurse. Whatever it is, mention it as clearly. It’s better if you have more than one certificate. Because it means you’re trained more than anyone does. At last, the chance for your acceptance is bigger.

Add Your Experience as A Healthcare

When writing a nursing personal statement for a job, you need to show your experience. Especially if you choose to apply to a reputable hospital. Hence, it’s good for you to collect more experiences you can get. Far before you decide to apply for a nursing job.

What kind of experience can be included? Must it be a professional one? The answer is no. If you have experience as a nurse at a refuge, for example. You can include this as your nursing experience on the personal statement you’re applying.

Write The Special Qualifications You Have

When people want to be recruited for a job, they must explain if they have suitable qualifications. This rule is also used in the nursing job. If you want to be a nurse at a hospital, you have to show your exceptional quality. You can highlight some achievements or awards you’ve gotten during school. If you haven’t, you can tell simple stories like your family, how you interact with neighbors, or what dreams you’re pursuing.

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Show Your Specific Goals of Applying

In the nursing personal statement for a job, you also need to write your specific goals. Explain how the nursing job could help you to reach what you aim for. Such as, if you have a life goal to help as many people as you want. This is the typical goal of nursing, though. Nevertheless, this goal is relevant to the job you’re applying to. And mostly, the more you’re relatable to the job, the more your chance to be accepted.

Include The Personality Test Results

Nursing isn’t only a technical job. Furthermore, it includes the logical and emotional work. You need to use logic when helping the patients, especially if they lead a critical condition. Aside with this, you need to have good emotional management as well. Since you’ll often face patients (or their family) in a panic situation.

When you’re making a nursing personal statement for a job, you can include your personality test results. It can’t be the best reference to see your character, though. But it can give a glance look at it.

Tell What You’ve Done for Society

This tip doesn’t mean to make you look boastful. You probably aren’t people who think it’s good to mention the good things you’ve done. However, telling the hospital if you have any volunteering activity is essential.

The hospitals generally seek nurses who’ve been accustomed to handling people wholeheartedly. Because it’ll help them when it comes to nursing training. Recruiting socially caring people will ease them to do emotional management training.

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Check The Nursing Personal Statement References

If you still feel confused, it’s recommended for you to search for the nursing personal statement for job references. You can find it anywhere. Below this, we’ll just provide some most ideal nursing personal statement template you can use. You can download the nursing personal statement printable as well.


Nursing Personal Statement for A Job

Nursing Personal Statement for A Job

Writing a nursing personal statement is quite hard, though. But if you believe it’ll help you to reach your dream job – as a nurse, of course -, the tips mentioned is worth trying.