5 Success Templates Personal Statement on Resume and Things to Know Before Writing

As a job seeker you need to write your personal resume. It is a brief about yourself, including your last education or occupation, interest, achievements, and many things. Simply, resume uses to get the company know who you are. For the closing, you can write your personal statement on resume that relates to the company and yourself.

To be understood, personal statement is not a CV. Both them are different. As mentioned, CV or resume is detail about yourself. While personal statement highlights your objectives and potencies which the company looks for. So, they have no hesitation to take you as their part.

5 Important things in writing your Personal Statement

Everything needs preparations, whether to make it perfect or for a worst case. But hopefully, we want the reader interested in your personal statement. So, here 5 important things to know in writing your personal statement:

1. Clear Your Objective

It is a must. Once you lost your purpose, your personal statement will be confusing. Decide the reason why you send the resume. Is it for an internship or having a settled job? Your words would be different. If you want to internship, tell them that you want to have experience in working and your abilities will be their advantages.

Your template would be different from people in seeking a job. Their personal statement on resume must be insightful. Ensure the company that you desire to give a good contribution to their improvement. Choose a formal word to describe it. Your statement shows professionality and assurance.

2. Tell Your Career Goal is Okay

If your purpose is getting a job, it is okay to tell the company your further goal. You can explain why you apply for that position. It would be better showing your interest in the company. Make a clear and rational career plan. The company probably think that you are the futuristic one.

Use a simple sentence. Don’t be too wordy but keep to the point. Below is the personal statement on resume samples. It is used for different purpose. But you still can learn it as the reference for yours.

3. Focus on Certain Skill

You might be a multi-talented person. It is good as a job seeker. It means that you have a wide opportunity to apply in various companies. But we suggest you not to list all your skills. It makes your personal statement on resume not focus. When you apply for one position, it doesn’t always need a lot of skills.

Choose which talent you want to highlight. Make it targeted and qualified for the job desk. The more relevant your ability, the more interest the HRD will interview you. See the description of personal skill on the personal statement on resume pdf format here.

4. Know Your Target

Just like clearing your objective, speaking to different reader uses different words too. You can’t be casual to the technic company. But it would be liked if the reader is an advertising company. In a creative agency, they avoid something formal. It is the vice versa of a certain company.

Do a little research about the company chosen. Get a sense of their work culture and brand value. Take some notes and match with your personal statement. Reflect the need of them by the words you use to describe yourself.

5. Should be Customized

Do not ever send the same personal statement to every company. Your CV and personal statement should be customized. But it doesn’t mean you have hundreds of personal statements. Tweak it as the company you chose. A successful resume is the one which attracts the HRD.

While you are editing your personal statement, don’t forget to overview your CV again. Keep in line between your statement and your background on the CV. Your CV will help you to tell them who you are. And your personal statement ensures them that you are qualified based on your background explained on the CV.

Templates of Personal Statement

However, writing a personal statement on a resume is just a way to ensure the company. The next step, you will have a direct interview or psychology test. Some others also applied a working test. Enlarge your knowledge and skills, this decides you are worth to be hired or not. To make your opportunity wider open, here are more samples to follow:

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