20 Smart Examples of Personal Statement Law School Format

Entering a prestigious law school may hard and difficult. A lot of students want to apply and be a part of them. There are several things that must be met by the candidates. One of the requirements is making a personal statement. Some school gives a template to follow. But another school doesn’t have a special personal statement law school format. To help you do the best, there are several examples, do’s, and don’ts while creating personal statement for law school.


To make the best personal statement, here are some things to do. Make sure to do research or ask the school whether there is an essay or personal statement format or not before making your own personal statement.

1. Use Effective Sentences

Effective sentences show that you are an effective person. Just try to write honestly and don’t impose the numbers of the words. For example, pushing the text to has more than 4000 words.

It would make the text difficult to understand or maybe make people bored while reading it. The only way to reach the desired number is looking for something cool to write. Not by making the sentences longer.

At first, just write as what you want to. Then you can correct it by reading it again. If you are not confident with that text, ask people to read and correcting it for you. Especially if you use a second or foreign language.

2. Explain Clearly But Not Too Much

As mention before, making an ineffective sentence would make people confuse. So, use a simple word yet meaningful. Explain your story or opinion with a simple word.

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Some people want to look smart and use a difficult word. This is good if the special word’s place is right. But if you put it in wrong sentences or just make the paragraph has lower readability, it may give you another problem. Make sure to write it clearly like the personal statement law school format in this article.

3. Write Your Dreams or Concern If Accepted To This School

Applying for a school means applying to new dreams. Being a student in law school means having excitement to law. So the candidate must have a future plan.

Describe all plans that come to your head. Explain them one by one. If you can connect it by the time, it is better. For example write that, after I graduated from this school I want to be a lawyer. I want to make a change so everybody can use lawyer service easily. Without worry about the price. So everyone can have the same right before the law.

4. Write Your Interest Issues About Law

In addition, you can add some issues about the law, that happen at that time. Put it inside the future plan you want to do.

Like the example above, you can add a problem about the expensiveness of lawyer service. Insert this problem before you write your future dreams. So they know that what you plan for, is based on some real problem and good reason.


Besides pay attention at the do’s there are 2 don’ts to avoid while writing a personal statement law school format.

1. Use Passive Sentences

Passive Sentences will make the paragraph long and weak. At first, you may write a lot of passive sentences. But with reading it twice you will find a better sentence to use.

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This personal statement law school templates can show you how well they choose the best sentence. You can use this example as a reference to write your own personal statement law school format.

2. Ignoring The templates

If you find that the law school has personal statement law school templates, make sure to pay attention to it. Because if a school made a template it means they will look for a candidate who is paying attention and follow the templates.

This article contains some template that can be used as a reference. But make sure to do research before writing your own personal statement. It really makes the statement stronger and meaningful.


Personal Statement Law School Format

Personal Statement Law School Format

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