20 Templates of Baby Registry Checklist with Tricks Not to Wasteful Your Money

Welcoming your baby is very exciting. While before you used to live just the two of you and your husband. Now soon the baby is coming out. You must feel like a lot of things to do to fulfill their needs. Don’t get trapped in buying everything. Make a baby registry checklist so you won’t miss any small thing.

You can start with a very basic need. For example, the clothes, diapers, baby box, until the cutleries. After you compile all items, re-read and analyze those things. Do you and the dad really need that stuff? Or it is just a “want” from two of you?

The Tricks

It is necessary to keep your budget. And it also helps you not to add many unnecessary things inside your house. Here some tips if you face a long list but won’t be over budget:

1. A Wish List

Don’t be shy to make a wish list for your family or friends. The truth is sometimes they confused about the gift to give. It would be easier if you share the list. Anything you like can be mentioned to them or written on it. From smaller thing like a pacifier, sleepsuit, to the big one like stroller or rocking chair.

But if you feel not really comfortable doing this, you can choose only for several kinds of stuff. Add items that seem primary needs. It is a good way too to keep your money. Because fulfilling the baby needs will feel like never-ending.

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2. Age Category

One of the smart ways to make a baby registry checklist is by defining the baby age. Just so you know that not every stuff is used for long term period. Sometimes one product only useful for a newborn baby. To avoid wasting money for the unused items, you must categorize by age.

The picture above is a baby registry checklist printable based on age. Sit down with your partner and discuss. Decide which one is needed to buy before the baby comes and to hold until to the age. This way also helps to manage your monthly budget further.

3. Pre-loved? Why Not!

Just because you buy a secondhand does not mean it has a bad quality. Today’s there are so many people sell pre-loved stuff like the brand new one. Do a little research on websites regarding the baby registry you need. You can also compare the price from various sites. Pick one which is worth.

You don’t always need a new thing. It is another reason why buying pre-loved baby stuff must be considered. Sometimes people bought a thing, but it was not matched with them. They will sell it again at a lower price with good packaging.

4. Rent is Also Okay

Continue from number 3, renting baby stuff is also good. We suggest you look back to your baby registry checklist. Select stuff that will be used in a short time. Many parents rent their children toys now. It is because they know their children easily bored.

By renting some products, your house will not full of unused things. You don’t have to get confused with decluttering. But you can still provide what your baby needs. Don’t worry about hygiene. An official rent place is always keeping its cleanliness quality.

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5. Choose A Multi-Function Stuff

Last but not least, another trick to maximize everything is buying a multi-function stuff. Believe that every product has a function more than one. Let’s have an example from the baby crib. Give a little more creativity, baby crib could be modified as toddler bed soon. Or a food processor that can still useful even your baby already eats solid food.

Just be real, having a baby is expensive. It takes a long time to let them grow and being an independent one. As long as you can utilize baby stuff, you don’t need to spend more money on it. Your budget can be put for other things.

20 Templates of Baby Registry Checklist

After all the tricks we shared, are you still confused about making a baby registry checklist? Take a deep breath and don’t be a fussy-mom-wanna-be. You can download this baby registry checklist pdf. Find more samples after you read this article. Hope it can get rid of the overwhelming.

Baby checklist printable

Baby checklist printable

Baby Registry Checklist

Baby Registry Checklist

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