20 Astounding Business Proposal Templates To Transform Your Business

A business proposal is essential for a company. Since it’s not only a tool to get more funding. In fact, getting fund is just one of things business proposal can do. Are you curious about the business proposal? Want to know business proposal templates you’ll need to boost up your business? Just read on.

What Is Business Proposal?

At a glance, you might think a business proposal is a document to get funding for a business. It’s not a wrong statement, though. When you’re searching for investors, the business proposal is the main weapon you need to bring.

However, there are other functions of the business proposal. For example, you can use it as a guide to run your company. You can control your revenues and expenses by looking at the financial plan.

Things Inside The Business Proposal

After knowing what business proposal is, now you have to know the components. There are many versions of the ideal business proposal templates. However, from the books, we know these are the main things business proposal should have. Here they are.

Business Background

When you make a proposal, the first thing you must determine is your reason to make a business. You need to prepare logic reason why do you want to grow up your company. It’s best if you can include conditions that motivate you to level up your business.

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Operational Plan

The next thing needs to be included is operational planning. Operational here means anything, start from the collection of raw materials until the process of producing it. Operational is one of the most important planning alongside the financial plan.

Financial Plan

You could call the financial plan as the core of the business proposal. Without financial prediction, you couldn’t measure how big business you can build. How much additional money you need to bring up the business.

Marketing and Human Resource Plan

Finally, yet importantly, you need to include marketing and HR plan on the proposal. You need to explain how many workers you need to employ. Which is your target market. And what method you use to sell the product.

Sustainability Analysis

Now you’ve made complete planning. However, not every plan will be successful. So you need to prepare for the plan B. How to make it, then?

First, you need to predict the problems your business will face. Then, analyze how you could solve it. You can use many analysis methods, such as The Six Dimensions Matrix and SWOT.

How A Proposal Can Affect Your Company?

Making a business is like walking through the forest. If you don’t want to get lost, you must have a map. In business, your map is the proposal you made.

A good business proposal could help you to stay focus. You can use it as a guide to take an advanced step. Besides, it’ll help you to build a new strategy if someday you find the plan A doesn’t work. In short, a business proposal can affect your company’s sustainability.

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Tips To Make A Good Business Proposal

A good business proposal will help you better understand your business. In the meantime, it also can help you win more investors. What is the best way to make a good business proposal, then? Before looking at the business proposal templates below, we’ll give you some tips.

  • Be concise. Writing many pages won’t make your proposal look good. Conversely, it’ll make it more boring. It’s better to be simple but meaningful.
  • Use pictures. You’d better use diagrams, pictures, and graphics rather describing by words.
  • Create a creative proposal. Don’t forget to design your business proposal templates!

Business Proposal Templates For You

Now is the time to give you some beautiful business proposal templates. There are some kinds of templates, such as business proposal templates printable and business proposal templates pdf. Just click which one the most suitable for you.

Business Proposal Templates

Business Proposal Templates

That’s all about business proposal templates and how to make it. Happy planning your business!