Top Five Case Study Examples And 20 Great Templates That You Can Use

A case study is one of the effective tools for customers. Moreover, it helps to establish a brand because it converts lead to customer. In addition, it demonstrates how a product could solve the customer’s problem efficiently. Therefore, knowing case study examples is important.

A certain format makes it effective to use. Additionally, there must be a position where the product gives the best solution. There’s also a real result of the product itself to ensure that it’s different and excellent. Below are some of the example of case studies that you can use.


IDEO is one way or another design to deal with simplicity in case studies. Moreover, once a visitor arrives at the page then they will see a great page design. Additionally, there is going to be a huge bold picture with two simple columns.

They will greet you as soon as you at the page. In addition, IDEO communicates with two major pillars of study case. The company itself creates a solution for farming startup. However, once the users scroll down the page, the pillars will automatically elaborate with a copy.

The comprehensive copy itself outlines the process, additional visuals, and quotes. This is what makes IDEO different from other templates. A simple design with the various combination.


Other case study examples are fantasy. Fantasy makes a simple video with a red button on the website. If the customers need texts to read, then they have to scroll down. Then, the customers will find an icon that will guide them to the text.

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Therefore, this is one of a good example of a case study. It is simple but worth a try. The customers will also get easier if they want to contact the company. It’s because there is a facility of “Contact Us” if they scroll down the page.


Every case study has its own uniqueness. Therefore, all is according to the purpose of using the case study itself. HubSpot is one of the case study examples. It has a special feature to lead the customer uses your product. Moreover, there is also a short video provided here.

HubSpot is a reflection of a major credo. It’s because HubSpot helps to solve the customer’s problem first. In addition, this case study has a unique feature. It uses mixed-media like additional text on the page and short video. Thus, you can combine visuals with a written copy for emphasizer.


Five9 is a solution from Weed Man company. You can find the guidance to use this case study in case study examples pdf. How could this case study different? Well, the answer is in the result that Five9 makes.

Five9 migrates the data into the cloud. Thus, users don’t need to worry about losing any data. Moreover, if the users use a phone with reps basic then this is another advantage. Five9 will help the users to connect with more decisions and prospects with no sales reps.


Another case study example is optimized. It optimizes the platforms for innovative data marketing solutions. Moreover, the users will have much more experience in marketing if they use it. In addition, this won’t let the users down. It’s because Optimizely keeps customers satisfaction.

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However, there is still a challenge that the users have to face. They have to identify the page views to determine the customer’s buying cycle. This way will guide the users to know what the customers actually want.

Those all five examples of the case study that you need to know. No matter case study examples printable or pdf guidance that you have, all is the same.