20 Examples Of Comparison Chart And The Detailed Information About It

Comparison chart worldly used for various occasions, by comparing two or more objects, data, or even phenomena. By using the chart for comparison, it will help the human brain in easy to understand with a visual comparison. And since the day this chart firstly used, more visualized versions created with each one topped the previous.

Comparison Chart from Time to Time

The world population firstly introduced to comparison chart was back in the late 18th century. The graphics were in the form of a nautical chart (shores comparison) and thematic map which comparing the size of Europe countries. Then in the early 19th century, there’s another publication which comparing the mountain sections in latitude.

Later, there’s also a comparative map of the length of rivers. The publication of various comparisons became a popular series. Meanwhile, the statistical graphics comparison that we know introduced in the 20th century. In those years, people admired the discovery of statistical graphics since easier to understand for numerical values. And this statistical comparison has been kept and developed with many other forms.

Why Comparing in Chart?

Until today, the chart used to utilize a comparison in many areas. Moreover, with the digitalizing of this age generation, where data and information exchange should happen in a snap. Either it used the print version or in digital file version, comparison graphics chart often used. Here below are the reasons why using charts to compare preferred:

1. Data Analyzing

When analyzing some data, firstly, you have to understand what the data tried to tell you. The easier way to accomplish it is to put the data in a chart. That way, you can read the data easily and may get some information from it. From there, you can draw your analysis regarding the information you get from the data.

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2. Presenting the Information

Using a chart to compare various data and information than text can save more page (and paper). While reading a long text stating about the comparison, your brain still has to process it and make a mental note to visualize the simpler model. But with the chart, it will be several pages less, which if you have to make a comparison chart printable document will need lesser paper.

3. It Simplified, but Comprehensive

The human brain works with a complex but simple way, where it can easily understand a vast of information in a short time with a comparison graphics. And even if the comparison in the chart seems simple but it could explain something complex. That’s why it used in various purposes, from a sales report, proposal, until research publication.

How to Make Chart for Comparison and The Examples

Aside from manually draw a chart for comparing things, in this digital era, people also use the computer to make it. Not to mention in these ages, people prefer for a digital publication like PDF. For that, you have to use the proper chart and graphics processor program to make comparison chart PDF. Here are some programs you may choose to use:

  • Word processor. You can use word processor programs to make a simple chart for comparison like a table.
  • Spreadsheet. Usually, spreadsheet used for more complex comparison that involves number value.
  • Graphics tools. For this one, you have to have good eyes and hands coordination, because you have to ‘manually’ draw your chart.
  • Chart apps. There are many chart apps you can use for making this sole purpose. Since it specially designed for making a chart, the result arguably will have better visual with easier chart making steps.
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To know more about the chart for comparison, you could look at the examples below. That way, you can get more understanding in making one.

Because of the simple form but comprehensive understanding, the comparison chart still widely used until today. Moreover, with the today generation culture where exchange data and information happens in a blink of an eye. And looking for the precedence, to present data and information will still use the chart.

Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart