20 Awesome Printable Letter of Reprimand And The Letter’s Structure

The employee has some rules to obey. But sometimes, they break it and do some mistakes too. In that condition, if the company is discipline, they will receive a letter of reprimand. This is a warning letter to make the employee more care about the rules. Here are the structure and a printable example of this letter.

1. Letterhead

Letterhead contains the name of company, address, phone number, and logo. This part is evidence that the letter is formal and need to be noticed by the employee.

Almost all formal letter use letterhead. And every company has their own letterhead design as seen in the example in this article.

2. Employee’s Name and Position

To make the letter clear, the name of the recipient must write too. Some letter writes the employee’s name inside the body. And the others choose to write it before the introduction part.

3. Date Of Reprimand

The date of the letter must be writing too. Because it is related to when will the reprimand start and last. Some company gives a time of punishment.

For example 1 week or maybe a month. Then if the employee breaks the rules again in that time, the company may give another punishment.

4. Purpose of Letter

This is the main part of the letter. It tells the reader why they receive this letter. Here the head of the company can explain what did the employees do.

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For example, someone was coming late. The letter of reprimand can say that “this letter is coming because Mr. Toni was late for about 30 minutes for about 5 days without permission”.

Tell the employee the detail fault information. So they can fix or improve their mistakes and be a better person. Then continue it with the improvement expectation part.

5. Improvement Expectation

This part purpose is to tell the employee that they can be a better person by doing something. For example, ” we hope that Mr. Toni will try to come on time. So there will not be another punishment anymore.”

With that detailed information, someone will note that they should be better by doing the company’s expectation. This is an important part if the rules that broke by the employee is not only one. So they will notice every improvement that they have to accomplish.

6. More Information

Further information in the letter of reprimand contains detailed about how long the letter is valid. For example a week or a month.

If the employee does the improvement and is a better person within the time applied then the letter is not valid anymore and the employee is free of punishment. But if they can not do like what a company wants, maybe they will be fired by the leader.

7. Name and Signature

The last part of this letter is the name and signature. It declares who make the letter. It means that this letter is formal and valid.

Not all people can make this letter of reprimand. For example in a company, the writer at least must be a supervisor or director. Write the name clearly and put the name of the position too like the letter of reprimand pdf in this article.

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Letter of reprimand is like a warning to an employee before they get fired. This letter is important because sometimes, people do a mistake. But as a good leader, you must give them more opportunity to change.

It because being a leader of a company isn’t just about getting profit and make the employee work well. You must be responsible to make the employee be a better person.

If you are a director that need to make this kind of formal letter, you can use this example to make this. You can adjust it to your company profile and needs easily. This letter of reprimand printable can be edited in Microsoft Word Or any word processor software that you use.