20 Best Immigration Letter Template

Sometimes people want to be a part of a country. They can do the naturalization way. A foreign people who come to a certain country must fulfill a number of conditions in order to have citizenship status. One of the conditions is to make immigration letter. This letter has many functions, here are some facts about the letter and examples that you can download.

Immigration Letters Facts

If you are a foreign people who want to be a part of a country. Here are a few facts that may help to understand what immigration letter is.

1. Wrote By Local Citizen

Immigration letter can be a reference to the country about someone’s personality. Whether he or she is good people or not.

If you want to be a part of the country using naturalization way, this letter should be made by a local citizen near. It can be your teammates, best friend, or neighbor.

The letter is filled with some facts that can explain about yourself in their opinion. The immigration officer will read the letter and decide whether you are good enough or not to have citizenship status.

2. To Support Foreign Friends

If you have a friend who wants to longer visa or be a part of the country, you can help them by making this immigration letter. Write an honest opinion about them.

Tell that they really have the capability in their job, or can be useful to the country.

Things To Write In Immigration Letter

If you need to make this letter, you can download the immigration letters pdf here. This example can use to be a resource or template. So you can make the immigration letters printable like in this article easier. Here are a few things that could be written to the letter.

1. Write About Evidence Of Marriage

Some people use marriage as a reason to stay longer or be a citizen in a country. Because people use marriage as an excuse, this is where the immigration letter take a role.

A neighbor or best friend can be witness whether someone is really in love marriage or just because of some benefit. In this letter, people can tell about some evidence.

For example, telling about the chemistry between that husband and wife. Maybe when they are at church or while attending some events together.

2. Write About Professional Capability

For foreign friends at work, you can help them too. Write a letter about how good they are at work. Use the immigration letters printable in this article to be a resource.

Tell about their capability at work. For example, if they are a good interior designer who has a lot of good work. Tell about their good personality. Maybe if they like to help when someone is in trouble.

3. Write That He or She Had Abuse in the Home Country and Need to Move

One of the sad reason why someone has to move to another country is because of the violence they had. For some condition, for example when a girl is abused by her family.

Nowadays, abusing and harassing people may be done by closest friend or relatives. The only way to do is to go away from them to save her life.

Going out of the country may be good options. As a friend or neighbor, you can write some facts about the harassment she had before. But make sure you have real evidence besides her statement. As a post mortem or photo. So you can really believe her.

4. Write How The Person Can Give A Benefit To The Country

National football player maybe needs to support to be a naturalized citizen. This immigration letter can be written by the coach or teammates.

Write that this person can give benefit to the country through his ability to play football. This foreign football player can be a new hero of the country and help to get a gold medal or winning some match.

Immigration letters absolutely can help people to get citizenship. But make sure to have accurate information before you write this letter. To make the writing easier and more efficient, you can get the immigration letters printable here.

20+ Immigration Letter Template

Immigration letter template 02
Immigration letter template 02


Immigration letter template 03
Immigration letter template 03.


Immigration letter template 04
Immigration letter template 04


Immigration letter 05
Immigration letter template 05


Immigration letter 06
letter of immigration 06


Immigration letter 07
letter of immigration 07
Immigration letter 08
letter of immigration 08
Immigration letter 09
letter of immigration 09
Immigration letter 10
letter of immigration 10
Immigration letter 11
letter of immigration 11
Immigration letter 12
letter of immigration 12
Immigration letter 13
letter of immigration 13
Immigration letter 14
letter of immigration 14
Immigration letter 15
letter of immigration 15
Immigration letter 16
letter of immigration 16
Immigration letter 17
letter of immigration 17
Immigration letter 18
letter of immigration 18
Immigration letter 19
letter of immigration 19
Immigration letter 20
letter of immigration 20
Immigration letter 21
letter of immigration 21
Immigration Letters
Immigration Letters