5 Templates of Perfect Personal Statement Nursing

Do you want to make a perfect personal statement nursing? Become a nurse is a dream job, especially for those who like to dedicate themselves to people. However, to become a nurse is quite hard. Whether to enter a nursing school or being one of it on the hospital. Most institutes ask for many documents, such as the personal statement. When you’ write it, make sure you include these all on your nursing personal statement.

What You Need To Include On It


Your Life Background

If you want to make a perfect personal statement nursing, don’t start with a boring introduction. In fact, starting your statement with things such as name, address, and born date has been out of date! Instead, write something that tells the reader about your life. You don’t need to explain the rest you’ve done, though. Just highlight the best point of your life and how you’ve through it.

The Reason for Becoming A Nurse

People have different reasons why they want to be a nurse. This is why you’d better explain your reason if you want to be a nursing student or professional nurse at the hospital.

When we say “reason”, don’t say trivial things such as “money” or vague like “because I want to”. Say clearly (and better, particularly) why you want to become a nurse. It could be to help more people, to see the patients smile to you, and so on.

Reason To Apply On The Chosen Institute

The next important thing to be included in your perfect personal statement nursing: a reason to apply in a particular place. For example, you’re intended to enroll at nursing studies at a university. Tell the selectors why you choose the university. Reasons you can use such as from the research output, the learning environment, or the culture.

Personal Goals (Short-Term and Long-Term)

Aside from being a nurse, you must have other life goals, right? It’s okay to include your personal goals inside the nursing personal statement. The personal goals you add could either short-term or long-term. Arrange it concisely and wisely. Even if you have the number of goals at future, ensure to insert what you prioritize the most. If you’re just writing out your goals without filtering it, the selectors/employers will think you’re too ambitious. And giving this kind of impression isn’t good to you.

Your Best Qualification

The next one you need to make a perfect personal statement nursing is the qualifications you have. Highlight the best side of your characters, such as a generous, kind, patient, and so on. Don’t mention the positive characters only, you can also add the negatives. But don’t forget to mention how you control it.

When you’re writing your character, also include some events that prove your good traits. It’s better if you can share about how you could have traits like that. What experiences have made you become you’re now.

Your Educational and Work History

This is a formal term you must include to make a perfect personal statement nursing. Mention all your educational history that is relevant to nursing. Besides, add your work history (if you’ve been working as a nurse). The more your educational and work history relevant to the nursing studies/work you apply, the higher your chance to be chosen.

Awards and Achievement So Far

For a glance, awards and achievement seem useless to make you get to be a nurse. Since the most important thing for a nurse is to become kind and dedicated.

However, it’ll okay if you have awards or achievements to be mentioned in the personal statement. Yet, remember that only mention the relevant ones.

It is all the tips to make a perfect personal statement nursing. If you want to know more, you can click on the perfect personal statement nursing template below. If you’d like to have the document, just choose the perfect personal statement nursing pdf.

Perfect Personal Statement Nursing

Perfect Personal Statement Nursing
Perfect Personal Statement Nursing

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