5 Free Templates of The Best Personal Statement Layout

Every school has its own personal statement layout. Before making a personal statement, it will much easier to find a reference like in this article. To help the writing process here is 6 things to write in a personal statement. You can write it in 6 paragraphs or more, depending on what you need.

6 Things To Make Personal Statement

1. Future Carrier Objectives

The First paragraph of best personal statement layout can talk about future carrier objectives. You can write about how will this course make a big difference and impact to your carrier.

But don’t just write about the reason why you want to enter the school. Relate the future plan to what you will learn in that course.

For example, “I want to be a good teacher and produce my own multimedia learning. So the student will easier to learn”. This is an example of future carrier plan.

Then you can continue with, “the multimedia learning lesson will enhance my ability to make them. Then the instructional strategy lesson can make me understand more about what students need from the media.”

Those sentence can make the evaluator think, that you really understand what you need to do to make the plan real. This will be a plus factor of your personal statement layout.

2. Previous Studies

The second paragraph can write about previous studies. Tell about what favorite subject when you were in high school. Or if this personal statement is for master degree, tell about how your previous study will support this school.

The personal statement can show the relationship between what you have studied before, and what will you study next. Mention the great achievement that links to the subject you choose in this school.

3. Work Experience

If there were a work experience before don’t forget to write it as a part of the personal statement layout. You can mention them and give a short description of your job.

You can make it more meaningful and effective by explaining your strength while working. For example, “I used to work at a school as a math teacher. I work really hard and always try to do analytics after teaching. So I can understand what student’s problem directly then fix it in the next class”.

4. Study Plan

In this personal statement layout template, you can find the paragraph which tells about the study plan. This is one of the important parts. Because here is the right place to show your capability to make a schedule.

For example, you can write a subject or lesson which will learn in that school. Then, relate it to some issue that is linked to your thesis.

5. Academic Objectives

The next paragraph about academic objectives. This part actually is a place to explain your real target after graduated from that school.

You can write more than one objective. But make sure to make it related to the study plan, and future carrier objectives.

6. Motivation

This part is an additional part. Everybody must have reason or inspiration. As like the background section that forms the basis of a study, this motivation becomes the background for choosing a university or department.

You can write a brief story about what inspired your choice. For example ” one thing that I remember. When I was at Kindergarten, my teacher told the class about a story. She used a board and teaches with a moving doll. To me, this is so amazing. And it inspires me to be a storyteller, and study communication in the best school.”

You can write down what inspire or motivate you to learn more. This would make the study plan and carrier plan easier to do.

In this article, you can download the personal statement layout for free. Use this as a reference and take the good thing from it. To have the best personal statement layout document you may need to write more than one time.  Recheck it and if needed ask your teacher or friend to read it too.

Personal Statement Layout

Personal Statement Layout

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Personal Statement Layout Free

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University Personal Statement Layout