8 Printable Personal Statement Pharmacy And Some Important Things To Write

Applying to pharmacy school need a good personal statement. Here you can get the printable personal statement pharmacy for free. Download them and then follow these two related skill to pharmacy school and 5 important things to write in your personal statement.

Skills Related to Pharmacy School

Remember that every subject at college has a relation to some subject student’s learned at high school. And what is related to the pharmacy is mathematics and chemistry.

1. Mathematics

Mathematics contains a lot of things to learn. Explain about what’s your favorite. And then continue to describe why it needed in pharmacy.

2. Chemistry

Chemistry may be the basis of pharmacy. All the medicine pharmacist ever made is come from chemistry study and theory.

Same as mathematics, you can link the past achievement in studying chemistry. For example, explain that you know very well about the periodic table and how to use it as the base of research in a laboratory.

Besides the directly linked subject, you can also mention another achievement. For example, if you can read and write in another language too. This will give plus factor and show that you have a great value.

Things to Write in a Personal Statement

To enhance the value of the personal statement pharmacy you can download the template here. Then these 5 points will help to make the best yet unique personal statement for you.

1. Explain About Your Past Education Achievement

According to learning theory Ausubel, new information will easier to understand if it’s linked to things that have been learned before. This is why in the personal statement pharmacy, you should mention about past favorite subject and achievement.

This fact will make the evaluator trust that you can study in pharmacy with great enthusiasm. Put the spirit in your personal statement pharmacy template too. Let the evaluator know and feel your spirit.

2. Write About How Your Past Study Related to Pharmacy

The next important thing is the relation between past study to the pharmacy. From what mention before, it will be evidence that the applicant really likes chemistry as the base of pharmacy.

Describe all you know about chemistry, math, and pharmacy. And read some research about the relation. For example, “math and chemistry are the basic things I’ve learned to understand pharmacy. They are used in every study and research while testing a new medicine formula or making the new one”.

3. Write The Favorite Part About Pharmacy

This is how to express that you really want to study pharmacy. As you can see in almost all personal statement pharmacy example, they write about what they like.

For example, ” One thing I like the most about pharmacy is that I can learn to make a useful medicine. I can help people who are suffering from AIDS, or cancer. I also wish can study hard, and make a better formula to cure some dangerous disease. “

4. What Will You Do After Learning Pharmacy

After explaining the interesting part of the pharmacy, you can continue to mention all future plans after graduation.  For example, what kinda job do you want. Or what project you want to do.

Not all pharmacist work in a drugstore. They also can continue their study or work in a laboratory, being a scientist or pharmacologist. Choose what kind of carrier do you want and explain the reason.

5. Explain Your Idea About Pharmacy’s Future

You can make this part as an addition. This is how the writer’s see the prospect or some issue about pharmacy nowadays.

It can show to the evaluator that you are thinking some step forward and want to do something for the world. But before writing this part it will be better if you do some research to find what is pharmacy’s newest issue or trends.

Those five things will enhance the value of your personal statement pharmacy document. Download the example here, and make the new one with your own words. Don’t forget to use effective words and count them so the personal statement will not be too long.

Personal Statement Pharmacy

Personal Statement Pharmacy

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Personal Statement Pharmacy Introduction

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Personal Statement Pharmacy School


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Personal Statement School

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