20 Best Printable Periodic Table Can Enhance The Effectivity Of Chemistry Learning

Printable Periodic Table: The periodic table is one of a learning resource. The teacher uses this as a learning media too at school. Chemistry sometimes hard to understand because a student can’t imagine some substance. So they are hard to remember all the substance names and character. Here is a description of the periodic table, how to make learning easier and 4 ways to use printable periodic table.

Basic Information About Periodic Table

The periodic table is a system to help the student remember all chemical elements. This table is divided into 9 rows and  18 columns. It consists of 118 names of the element which sort by atomic number.

Very similar kind of elements uses the same color. It divides the element to metal and nonmetal, alkali, metalloid, and etc. Some people learn it by color group, and the rest of them learn by the number.

Make Chemistry Learning Easier

Dmitri Mendeleev makes this periodic table to make a real list of the element. This table consists of the elements which naturally found in the earth and prediction of some unidentified element.

The teacher uses it as a learning media to help a student remember all of those chemical things. It makes studying chemistry easier because the table is colorful and more attractive than an ordinary list.

Different color can make people easier to remember. It also makes the student understand the different group of elements. This is a great basic knowledge to master chemistry at school and college.

Periodic table of element

Four Ways To Use Periodic Table

There are four ways to use the periodic table. You can find the printable periodic table in this article. Then print it into some different size. After that, stick it everywhere so it would be easier to learn.

1. Stick It To The Wall

Download the printable periodic table pdf, and edit it to a large document. Print in A3 or larger paper. Choose a thick paper with great quality.

After print, it, stick to the wall. You can use a frame to make it prettier. Or just mount it to the wall with tape. Place it near the study desk, or in front of the bed. So every day you can see them easily.

2. Put Inside Book

If a student using a binder book, print it in B3 size. Use thicker paper so it’s not easy to break or damage. Having a little periodic table in chemistry book make student easier to do a chemistry task or homework.

Don’t need to open a big book anymore. Just give a little peek to that printable periodic table.

3. Make As Book Cover

It also can be print into the size of the book cover. It is suitable for chemistry maniac. Or maybe if you need a colorful yet functional cover.

Print it to double the size of the paper. For example, if the book size is B3, so print it as a landscape in B2 paper size. Use glossy paper so the cover is prettier.

4. Divide Into A Few Part

You can also make it a few parts. Edit the printable periodic table printable pdf before using the printer. Or simply print it at the actual size and cut it.

Divide it by column or group then stick it to the book. Give a brief description of each element with a colorful marker, pen, or colored pencil so the notes are more fun to learn.

This free printable periodic table is an easy way to learn chemistry. Don’t make chemical learning bored with a bunch of books or a long list of elements. Help children to study happier so their learning process is more effective. If you are parents or a teacher, this colored periodic table with help learning process a lot.

printable periodic table
printable periodic table
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