20 Self Evaluation Example To Improve Your Career

Does your HRD ever ask you to evaluate yourself? If he/she doesn’t, you’ll better be prepared to get it someday. Either it’s written or oral, self-evaluation is the best way to justify what you’ve done and what you didn’t. Do you want to know more about self-evaluation and how to make it? We’ll give you the answer as well as the self evaluation example.

What Does Self Evaluation Letter Means?

Self-evaluation is a kind of letter companies often ask their employees. A good company doesn’t only evaluate their workers. It also gives a chance for workers to evaluate themselves.

With self-evaluation letter, workers can explain what they’ve contributed. Also, what mistakes they’ve done and how they fixed it. If they find the company’s evaluation seems inaccurate, they can correct it.

How Does Self Evaluation Affect Your Career?

Believe me, this is the most question workers often ask. Can self-evaluation help you to take a higher ladder of career?

On many articles out there, it is mentioned that self-evaluation can increase your career prospect. However, it doesn’t mean that writing a mere self-evaluation will give you that. Instead, make sure you have a good record. If you ever did some mistakes, tell how you mend it. Also, don’t forget to mention the accomplishments you get for the company. You don’t need to be boastful, though. Just write as if you’re talking with yourself. If you’re confused, read the self-evaluation examples we provide in the last section.

What To Put On

When you’re willing to write a good self-evaluation, there are things you must put and some you aren’t allowed to. What are they? Let’s talk about what you need to bring first.

What Your Company Aims

This is the first thing you must include in the introduction. If you want to be noted as a good worker, you must know the company goals. It’s including the vision, missions, and projects they’re working.

Your Personal Goals

After mentioning the company’s goals, now explain about yours. A good worker has his/her own pictures about how to reach the company’s vision. It’s best if you can translate it through your position.

Things You’ve Done

Companies like workers that exceed their expectations. Hence, I highly recommend you to include your achievements for the workplace.

What Makes You A Good Worker

Aside with the achievements, explain why you think you’re a good worker and deserve to get a better placement. Quantify your achievements if necessary. Show the company how you dedicate to them.

What You Shouldn’t Put

We’ve discussed the things you should put on the self-evaluation. Meanwhile, these are things you’re prohibited to include.

Critics and Advice

In the self-evaluation form, you’re evaluating yourself, not others. Hence, make sure you only include critics and advice about you. Not about the company or anyone else.

Problems and Problems

Let’s take an illustration. As an employee, someday you need to finish works that don’t belong to you. So you make yourself working out. However, don’t include problems like this on the self-evaluation. Include how you face it, instead.

Your Relationship With Fellow Workers

When you work, you’ll have many fellows with the various characters. Sometimes, you’ll get compatible with them. Sometimes you don’t. However, you don’t need to explain this on the self-evaluation. Just talk about yourself.

Tips To Make A Good Self Evaluation

Actually, there is a bunch of tips to make an ideal self-evaluation. However, we’ve summarized the most important tips for you. These are it!

  • Be short. Don’t exceed a page limit amount. Even if you have very many achievements.
  • Includes the data. If you write good things about yourself, it’s not wrong to include some photos or graphics.
  • Say thanks. Say it to anyone involved in your career path, especially HRD.

Self Evaluation Examples

Looking for some self evaluation example? On the below link, you’ll find some self-evaluation examples printable. Or if you like pdf version, convert the documents on the self-evaluation examples pdf. It is all about the self evaluation examples. Go write for yourself and boost your career path through the self-evaluation.


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