50 Amazing Workout Schedule Template

If you are interested in building up or shaping your body with the workout, it is important to create a workout schedule. What is the workout schedule? It refers to a schedule or time table consisting of the types of workout to conduct along with when and where you must do them. With the schedule, you will not simply forget to do them. It is also expected that the schedule helps you to achieve certain progress in the program.

Aside from the training or workout programs, there are some other things you can include in the workout schedule template. They are the eating schedules, menu, and suggestions as well as prohibition when you are in a certain workout program. Those things are optional for sure whether you need them or not.

To create a workout schedule, make sure to consult with your trainer first. Therefore, what to add or include in the schedule is really important and beneficial for your body-building program.

Format of a Workout Schedule

The schedule can be found from the trainer. But if you need to create it yourself based on the advice from your trainer, here is the template of a weekly workout schedule to make. As information, the schedule may need to be upgraded based on the progress of your workout program.

  1. The Title

On top of the schedule page, you must write down the title of the schedule. For example, it is “The Workout Schedule to Form the Muscle Mass” or “The Workout Schedule to Shape the Abs”. Well, it is more than just a title but you can also be really motivated only by reading it.

  1. The Description (Optional)

Under the title, you can also write down a short description of the title. If the title is about shaping the muscle mass, you can describe what muscle to form, the stages, and the benefits. You can type them down shortly or with a smaller font.

  1. The Weekly Timetable

Next, make a table consisting of 7 columns. It is also possible to have fewer columns in case your workout schedule is only on certain days. The first row of the column is to write down the names of the day. Then, the second column and the rests are to write down the type of workout to do. Don’t forget to also mention the time of doing each workout type.

  1. Food Schedule (Optional)

Under the timetable for the workout, you can create another table for the food or eating schedule. The format is just the same as the first table. However, it consists of the name of the menu along with the time when you must consume them.

Types of the Workout Schedule

There can be some types of the workout schedule divided based on some indicators. Based on the time indicator, there can be daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. Besides, based on the type of workout you want to conduct, there can be the muscle-mass workout schedule, weight-loss weight schedule, and still many more.

You can also create 2 workout schedules based on where you conduct them, the workout schedule at the sports center and the workout schedule at home. Having 2 schedules means that they should complete each other. Therefore, the progress you can achieve can be better and more optimal. Read Also : 15 Free Work Schedule Template In Excel

The schedule itself can be improved or changed based on what you have achieved. In the first month of your workout program, you may need to do Cardio around 5 times a week. But later, when the result is slightly seen, the amount of cardio can also be lessened only 3 times a week. Yes, in other words, a work schedule is really flexible based on your necessities.

Workout Schedule Template

Workout Schedule Template 01

Printable Workout Schedule Template

Printable Workout Schedule Template


Daily Workout Schedule Template

Daily Workout Schedule Template

Weekly Workout Schedule Template

Weekly Workout Schedule Template


Workout Schedule Template 06

Workout Schedule for Weight Loss

Workout Schedule for Weight Loss

Upper-Body Workout Routin Schedule Template

Upper-Body Workout Routin Schedule Template

Workout Schedule for Beginners

Workout Schedule for Beginners

Daily Workout Log Schedule

Workout Schedule Template 15


Workout Schedule Template 18
Schedule Workout Template 18


Workout Schedule Template 26
Schedule Workout Template 26


Workout Schedule Template 29
Schedule Workout Template 29


Workout Schedule Template 34
Schedule Workout Template 34


Workout Schedule Template 35
Schedule Workout Template 35


Workout Schedule Template 36
Schedule Workout Template 36

Personal Workout Plan

Personal Workout Plan
Personal Workout Plan 37

Blank Workout Schedule Template

Blank Workout Schedule Template

Weekly Treadmill Workout Log

Weekly Treadmill Workout Log 39

Monthly workout Schedule Template

Monthly workout Schedule Template

Workout Schedule for Week

Workout Schedule for Week

Workout Log Schedule Template

Workout Log Schedule Template


Workout Schedule Template 09
Schedule Workout Template 09


Workout Schedule Template 12
Schedule Workout Template 12


Workout Schedule Template 13
Schedule Workout Template 13


Workout Schedule Template 14
Schedule Workout Template 14


Workout Schedule Template 16
Schedule Workout Template 16


Workout Schedule Template 17
Schedule Workout Template 17


Workout Schedule Template 19
Schedule Workout Template 19


Workout Schedule Template 20
Schedule Workout Template 20


Workout Schedule Template 21
Schedule Workout Template 21


Workout Schedule Template 22
Schedule Workout Template 22

Weekly Workout Log Sheet

Weekly Workout Log Sheet
Weekly Workout Log Sheet 23


Workout Schedule Template 24
Schedule Workout Template 24

Workout & Exercise Log

Workout & Exercise Log
Workout & Exercise Log 25


Workout Schedule Template 27
Schedule Workout Template 27


Workout Schedule Template 28
Schedule Workout Template 28


Workout Schedule Template 30
Schedule Workout Template 30


Workout Schedule Template 31
Schedule Workout Template 31


Workout Schedule Template 32
Schedule Workout Template 32


Workout Schedule Template 33
Schedule Workout Template 33


Workout Schedule Template 40
Schedule Workout Template 40


Workout Schedule Template 41

Workout Schedule for Men

Workout Schedule for Men

Workout Schedule for Women

Workout Schedule for Women


Purposes of Making a Workout Schedule

You may ask about what the purposes of a workout schedule are. Yes, it probably looks enough only to go to the sports center and follow the instructions given by the trainer without creating your own schedule. Sure, this perception is wrong particularly if you really want to see your workout result as soon as possible. So, some purposes of making a workout schedule are as follows.

  1. To Remind You about What to Do Today

You cannot rely on your trainer every time to manage your schedule. Mainly if the trainer also has many clients, he or she may also not remember exactly when your schedule is. So, you must be a little bit independent at this point by making your own schedule. If this is time to work out with the trainer, you probably need to remind him or her first.

  1. To Watch the Progress

Undeniably, with the same workout program, the progress can be different from one to another. The workout schedules including the schedule for men is also to watch the progress of your own. After doing the workout for a certain period, you can see, whether or not, there is a change in your body.

  1. As a Motivation

The workout schedule you make can also be a good motivation for yourself. If you are creating a weekly schedule, you must have a target for the first week of your program. So, it is expected that you always follow the schedule well so that the final target can be achieved.

  1. To Avoid Excessive Workout

Well, being motivated for achieving a target is very good in a workout. But you should not be too over also doing this. This is the next reason why the schedule must be made. It is to prevent you from doing excessive workout. You just need to follow the schedule; it is the most ideal thing for you. Sure, being too excessive is not good also for your health.


If you have a plan to be really serious in the workout, you should make a workout schedule. The schedule consists of the types of workout to do along with the time where to do them. The types of schedule can be varied depending on the situations or the progress you want to achieve.