50 Amazing Board Resolution Sample

The Board resolution is a familiar document in the companies. Every company uses this document to handle the office’s activities. To know deeply about board resolution, let’s read the explanation below. It will explain to you about board resolution and all their components.

What is Board Resolution?

The board resolution is a formal document in the company. It is used to identifying the roles of corporate offices with board meeting decisions and the result.  A business owner has responsibility and knowledge about how to handle the duties of their company. They are also required to answer not only to the shareholders but also to a board of directors too. They are tasked to make major decisions including recent and future actions of the business.

How To Make Aboard Resolution

The board resolution letter has a formal format. You must be followed by the true format. Let’s read the following explanations below.

  1. The format of the resolution consists of the date and the resolution number. You must put them on the top. If it’s the board’s first resolution, you can add the number whatever you want. You can use something like 0001 and after than giving all future resolution a consecutive number
  2. Form of the resolution that speaks about the issue that you want to document
  3. The resolution must use a formal resolution. It must be put in the body of resolution, beginning of a new paragraph with the word. The first sentence must reference the board’s responsibility.
  4. After that, you must continue writing out the important statements of the resolution, at the beginning of each paragraph.
  5. The last statement of the resolution must state the final resolution which is the actions that the board took. For example
  6. The spaces adjacent to their names where they can indicate the answer “ Yes” or “No”
  7. The resolution must be placed for the board president too has a sign and date resolution

The Tips for Drafting of  Board Resolution

After you know about how to make a board resolution sample, there are some tips for drafting the resolution. You can follow them when you try to make the resolution. Read this explanation below.

  1. You must identify your issue and also keeping the sample clearly
  2. Make sure that the issues have not already been realized by local state or federal government agencies
  3. You must also make sure that the issues of your research properly
  4. In some parts of the resolution consist of supporting the statesman’s
  5. Relating the issues and areas of the concern that the issue addresses, being sure to name any relevant policies
  6. Your document must provide truthful and verifiable references and sources
  7. The term “whereas” is used to start

Who Can Use Board Resolution?

Everyone can use the board resolution template. In any company meeting, one resolution or another is generally taken. the resolution needs to be formally written, sent to people or kept in the record section, and signed. According to the rules of the company, any company holding a meeting to resolve, and the issue can be used in the resolution. As a reference, you may also see employee memos.

Many hotels, education centers, and financial institutes use the resolution. They use it based on their choices and requirement. There are a number of formats to choose from the net. By using them, you can see non-profit budget samples.

The Types of Board Resolution

If you want to use the resolution, you must know the types of resolution. There are two kinds of them, such US

  • Ordinary resolution

An ordinary resolution is the kind of resolution in which notice required under the company’s act has been giving. It passed by casting voted by raising hands or by any poll.

When the motion is passed by a simple majority of the members of the company who are eligible to cast their vote in a general meeting. After then, the resolution is passed by ordinary resolution.

In this resolution, the voted Caster on the favor of the motion is more than the votes castes against the motion. There are also some matters in ordinary resolution, such as electronic of the directory, the appointment of the auditors, fixation of remuneration, the decoration of dividends, and the alteration in authorized capital.

  • Special resolution

A special resolution is a kind of resolution which needs to fulfill some requirements. It can use if you can fulfill all the requirements below.

  • The internet has been specified in the notice of the general meeting or another intimation give to all the members
  • The notice is needed under the companies act
  • The votes castes in the favor of the resolution, whether on a display of the hands or electronic. Vote in person or by proxy are needed to be not less than three times the number of votes. If any cast opposition of the resolution by members who are entitled to voting.
  • There are some important parts of special resolution such as the alteration of the article of the association, reduce the share capital of the company, alter the object clause of the memorandum, and don’t forget to change in the registered office of the companies from one state to other.

Board Resolution Sample Template

Board Resolution Sample 01
Board Resolution Sample 01
Board Resolution Sample 02
Board Resolution Sample 02
Board Resolution Sample 03
Board Resolution Sample 03
Board Resolution Sample 04
Board Resolution Sample 04
Board Resolution Sample 05
Board Resolution Sample 05
Board Resolution Sample 06
Board Resolution Sample 06
Board Resolution Sample 07
Board Resolution Sample 07
Board Resolution Sample 08
Board Resolution Sample 08
Board Resolution Sample 09
Resolution Sample 09
Board Resolution Sample 10
Resolution Sample 10
Board Resolution Sample 11
Resolution Sample 11
Board Resolution Sample 12
Resolution Sample 12
Board Resolution Sample 13
Resolution Sample 13
Board Resolution Sample 14
Resolution Sample 14
Board Resolution Sample 15
Resolution Sample 15
Board Resolution Sample 16
Resolution Sample 16
Board Resolution Sample 17
Resolution Sample 17
Board Resolution Sample 18
Resolution Sample 18
Board Resolution Sample 19
Sample 19
Board Resolution Sample 20
Resolution Sample 20


It is some explanation of the board resolution example and its components.  Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that it is an important thing in the business. It also can show professionalism and the benefit of the company.