22 Great Cover Page Templates and Knowing It for Different Use

Remember, people tend to see than to read. Since seeing is the first thing happens, your cover page must be stunning. No matter what your purpose is, the reader will look at the front side. Here we will give you tricks at glace for any cover page templates.

Before we introduce kind of cover pages, you need to understand what the point of making it. It is a front page of your project. Usually, it includes your name, title of the project, a simple project description, and your institution. You may also add a picture/photo.

Types of Cover Page Purpose

The cover page can be used for many purposes. Whether you are a student, job seeker, or the one in doing reasearch. Here are various purposes:

1. Academic

Students usually make a project report, proposal, or an essay. It surely needs a cover page. The cover commonly contains your name, your project/essay title, a glance description, and the submission date. But remember, each institution has its own requirement to be obeyed. Make sure that you follow the format while creating the cover.

As your reader is an educator, whether a lecturer, a professor or a teacher, your cover design should be proper. It means that your cover templates show how your professionality as a student is. There are three basic formats of the academic cover page: APA, MLA, and CMS format. Find those cover page templates pdf format samples below:

Cover Page Templates 14
Cover Page Templates 14

2. Business

Now we turn to the professional area. It is used to find in every corporate. The cover page templates must picture the company identity. You cannot freely design the cover. Professionalism nuance is key to make your proposal or report success. Same as like academic purpose, every company has its guideline.

Cover Page Templates 01

As you know in a company has many units, it is also important to adjust the cover page report. For instance, in business marketing unit must show an attractive and dynamic cover page. While in operation unit cannot be imagery. It is used to conservative or technical picture.

3. Book or Magazine

This cover is aimed to sell. However, cover page templates of book, magazine, or any reading material, should attract people to read. It invites people’s curiosity to read what’s inside. You can adjust the cover page templates based on your reader.

Cover Page Templates 03

When your reader is children, make it colorful with comic pictures. They love to see it. But if your target is an adult or professional people, design your cover page simple, to the point, and show the content. It is also different for teens. You can use a pop lifestyle or any happening picture.

Take a look at cover page templates pdf for book or magazine below. Hopefully, it could give you some inspirations.

4. Report

It is likely a cover page for business purpose. But the difference is on its visual. The report usually is found in company or education. But the design should show kind of progress or any development. You can input a graphic picture, before-after image, or using words like “annual report”, “project progress”, “sales performance”, etc. as its title.

Cover Page Templates 20

Your cover page templates must show a successful situation. Once it captures your readers’ attention, they believe you have done a good thing. They will passionately read your report till the end. These cover page templates printable are adjustable with your report goal.

5. Album

Lastly, the cover page is also used for an album. It could be a photo album or music record. For this purpose, you can use your creativity. You are free to make anything you want. Because the cover page templates must be very attractive. Here are some cover page templates printable with various designs.

Cover Page Templates 05

Keys to making it stand out are the style, the image, the copy, and its font style, also the shape. To keep in mind, not all colorful cover page is attractive. It should be matched with your market or your taste (if it is for personal used).

5 Templates of Cover Page

Hopefully those all cover page templates printable help to ease your mind. Decide your purpose, the reader, and the requirement or your taste. The more visible your cover page, the clearer what the reader will get. It is essential part for your writing. Don’t lose it for your success! See more samples below:

Cover Page Templates

Cover Page Templates

Book cover page templates

Book cover page templates

Cover page templates free

Cover page templates free

Cover page templates word

Cover page templates word

Proposal cover page templates

Proposal cover page templates

Report Cover Page Templates

Report Cover Page Templates

Cover Page Templates 02
Cover Page Templates 02
Cover Page Templates 04
Cover Page 04
Cover Page Templates 06
Cover Page 06
Cover Page Templates 07
Cover Page 07
Cover Page Templates 08
Cover Page 08
Cover Page Templates 09
Cover Page 09
Cover Page Templates 10
Cover Page 10
Cover Page Templates 11
Cover Page 11
Cover Page Templates 21
Cover Page 21
Cover Page Templates 22
Cover Page 22
Cover Page Templates 23
Cover Page 23