40 Impressive Business Case Sample Template

When you’re starting a company, you obviously need a fund. In most times, the starter entrepreneurs would face the lacking of money to grow up their business. Hence, they need help from investors. To get an investor’s attention, one of component a new business should have is the business case. What is it, exactly? How could it important? Read on. We also have the templates in case someday you need it.

What Is Business Case?

A business case is a set of simulation you need to make alongside with the business proposal. The investors need it to value your company’s sustainability. Besides, they will also see if you have the competencies to make the company successful.

In the case proposal, you’re asked to pretend as if your company got many problems. After you explain the problems you face, then you need to solve it with the best strategy you have.

Why Business Case Is Important?

A business case has an essential role when it comes to meet investors. If you plan a critical growth but don’t have sufficient money, the business case could help you get the funding.

On top of that, it is important to show people your management talent. If you often present your business case, you’ve given the chance for people to know you. And if they think you get exceptional analytical and strategic skills, many people will be interested to hire you.

What You Have To Include On Your Case Proposal

There are things you must include in the case proposal. These things are essential to determine the acceptance of your proposal.

Up-To-Date Issues

First and the foremost thing to be included: the issues. You have to choose issues which are up-to-date and relevant to your business. In the case proposal, write the issues convincingly. So people will be assured there’s someone has to solve the issues.

The Strategies

After telling the issues, show the strategies you’ve made. You need to share the Strengths and Weaknesses of each strategy you’ve chosen. Don’t forget to mention the Opportunities and Threats as well. Then, analyze it with measurable points. Finally, show the people what the best strategy to solve the issues is. This method is called as “SWOT Analysis”.

Perfect “The Chosen One”

So we’ve already chosen the most suitable strategy. The next thing we should do is to explain how we will apply that. From the SWOT analysis above, we know that the strategy we chose also has weaknesses and threats. You have to show people how you’ll overcome these.

Expected Revenue

Last but important, tell how many revenues you can get from the strategy. It’s best if you can show the difference of using old strategy with the new one you’ve proposed.

Tips On Writing Business Case Proposal

To tell you the truth, not every case proposal gets its luck. Even if they have things as mentioned above completely.

But don’t worry. We’ve gathered some tips to make your proposal successful. Here they are.

  • Don’t make a thick proposal. People like to read, but not too much. They mostly prefer to read thin but meaningful proposal than the thick one. So make sure your proposal doesn’t exceed 20 pages.
  • Use visualizations. Rather than words, people like to see the pictures. It’s best for you to make a proposal with much pictures in it. However, don’t forget to choose the right fonts, colors, and design.

40 Business Case Sample Template

To help you create an ideal case proposal, we have a business case template example for you. We’ve made it with some types, such as business case template excel and short business case template. Have a good try!

Business Case Sample 01
Business Case Sample 01


Business Case Sample 31
Business Case Sample 31


Business Case Sample 30
Sample 30


Business Case Sample 29
Sample 29


Business Case Sample 28
Sample 28
Business Case Sample 27
Sample 27
Business Case Sample 26
Sample 26
Business Case Sample 25
Sample 25
Business Case Sample 24
Sample 24
Business Case Sample 23
Sample 23
Business Case Sample 22
Sample 22
Business Case Sample 21
Sample 21
Business Case Sample 20
Sample 20
Business Case Sample 19
Sample 19
Business Case Sample 18
Sample 18
Business Case Sample 17
Sample 17
Business Case Sample 16
Sample 16
Business Case Sample 15
Sample 15
Business Case Sample 14
Sample 14
Business Case Sample 13
Sample 13
Business Case Sample 12
Business Case Sample 11
Business Case Sample 10
Business Case Sample 09
Business Case Sample 08
Business Case Sample 07
Business Case Sample 04
Business Case Sample 03
Business Case Sample 02


Business Case Sample 05
Business Case Sample 05
Business Case Sample 06
Business Case Sample 06

That’s all about the business case and how to make it. However, the templates we provide are just examples. You’re all free to make case proposal as your creativity.