Free 20 Printable SWOT Analysis Template Excel

Analyzing a company, or programs may hard work. It needs a lot of effort and consuming time. Moreover, you must write the report and present it in front of the management leader too. But don’t worry, this post will help you a lot. Here are some example and template of SWOT analysis template excel which can download for free. This following part will tell you about the reason why you must using excel and how to make an analysis with this template.

Why Using Excel?

Excel uses tables to collect and process data. You can add more rows and columns and adjusted to your needs. Here are a few reasons why using excel to report the SWOT analysis result.

1. Easier

Microsoft Excel is easier to use because every sentence or list entered, is separated by lines from the table. It makes the writer easier to types and the reader easy to understand.

Further, the table style pushes the writer to make the sentence shorter. It would make the report more simple.  This printable SWOT analysis template excel is editable too. So you can skip the making table step.

2. More Attractive

You can change the layout and design of the table. Change the font types, font size, and color. You can highlight the list to mark that the list is important. Or if necessary this table can change into a graphic. So people can read it easily.

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Make SWOT Analysis Using Excel

You don’t need to make the excel file. Because this post contains free SWOT analysis template excel which editable. It is also printable in various paper size or type. Here are some steps to use the template.

1. Download The Template

The first step is downloading the editable swot analysis template excel. Just tap the download button and wait for a few seconds.

When the file finishes downloading, open it in Microsoft Excel. You can use it in all version of excel. There you will see a lot of columns and rows, and a customizable table.

2. Do the Analysis

The worksheet is ready, then its time to analyze. Choose what program or company you want to analyze. Then list the SWOT.

You can start by understanding the objectives or characteristic or the company. Then look for the strength.

Then continue it to another analysis. They are the weakness of programs, opportunity, and threats that may arise in the future plan.

3. Write The Analysis Result

The next step is writing the analysis result. Write the strength list inside the table. If needed you can add more rows or columns there.

Adjust the table to your needs. For example, delete or insert a new row or column. Then you can change the color to differ each row and columns.

If needed you can add some words to report the analysis result. Another way to compile the data is to export it to be graphics. This graphic can be saved as a picture. So you can copy it to another software. Such as Microsoft word or powerpoint.

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4. Print Or Share It

The last thing to do after making a report is printing or sharing. You can print it to the different size of paper. For example, if want to make a document report, print in A4 paper size.

The if you want to make it bigger for presentation, change the paper size to A3 or A2. This editable SWOT analysis template excel can resize to the desired size. So the printing quality will always good.

Share it to your friends too, so they can join to analyze the program. If you want your friend to edit it, send them the excel file.

But if you want to share it as a report function, export it to pdf format. It will save what you’ve already done before.

The SWOT analysis template excel example in this post is made based on SWOT rules itself. Actually, there are many types of table and graphics that can use as a SWOT report framework. Choose the best version for you and do the SWOT analysis template excel easier than making it on your own.