How To Create Chore Charts For Kids With 20 Templates

Doing chores regularly could sound boring. However, kids love something fun and new. Therefore, making chore charts could be an option to make them like to do it. There are several things that you need to pay attention when making the charts.

Additionally, using money as a tool could be one way to teach children about hard work. Children could get money from doing the chores. Then, teach them also how to use the money properly. Apart from this, there are several things to create a chore chart as follow.

1. Decide The Incentive

The first thing to do is to decide how much incentive you give. Make sure that the incentive is making sense. Using money as a tool will teach children that making money needs effort. Moreover, they will also understand that their parents appreciate their work.

Therefore, decide the money that you’re going to give to your children. Then, make a different incentive in every different chore that they do. Thus, they will learn that hard work makes more money. Attracting children with money will make them cheer up and say yes to chores.

2. Place The Chore Charts In A Common Place

Put the charts in a common place where children could see it. Therefore, they can spot it easily if there is a chore chart near them. Placing the chore chart in a visible place is important. Apart from making children see it, it also attracts them with the color.

The most importantly is placing it in a common place where children can reach it. Take it for example on the table in the living room. First, they see a unique chart, then they read what is written there.

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3. Make An Understandable Visual Chart

The next thing to do is making an understandable visual chart. Keep in mind that this chart is for kids or your children. You have to use an understandable word. Keep it brief because kids don’t love words. They love color more.

Therefore, making an understandable visual chart is important. This way will make kids understand what they should do. Furthermore, it’s a visual one that will make children more likely to see and read it. A visual chart can be in a form of picture, film, map or others.

4. Group Chores According To The Age Level

Age shows how independence and more understand the children are. Therefore, if there are more than one children in your house, then group them. Decide what kind of chores that they can do according to the age level.

It’s important to do. Five years old children are quite different with seven years old children. The way they think is different and so does what they can do. Thus, age grouping is important. You can give the name of your children in the chore charts printable.

Therefore, your kids will understand which one is theirs. This way is just like dividing chores according to the age level.

5. Make Colourful And Funny Charts

The last thing to do to make your children get attracted is making colorful charts. Kids love the color. Moreover, they also like funny and cute stuff. Colorful and funny charts will attract them easily. Their curiosity will make them follow what the chart says.

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Once they know they’ll get money after doing the instruction, they’ll be more cheer up. Therefore, they will do the chores happily. Kids love doing something new and get appreciation. Furthermore, the beautiful chart is what they think as a toy.

Those all information about how to create chore charts pdf or printable for children. Five easy steps to do above will help your children get interested in doing the chores. At last, chores won’t be boring stuff anymore. They can make money, but also interested in the unique and beautiful chart.


chore chart

chore chart