20 Wingdings Translator Templates And Funny Things You Should Know!

Wingdings firstly introduced by Microsoft in the early 1990s as a dingbat font. It formed in various symbols and characters in place of the letters. People started to see it as a joke and used Wingdings to entertain purpose. They used Wingdings symbols instead of the original letters as some codes. More and more people do the same. Thus, they started to need for Wingdings translator.

Fun Facts of Wingdings

The Wingdings typography constructed with the combination of the Lucida Icons, Arrow, and Start font. But the new organized font renamed as Wingdings and released in Microsoft 3.1 in 1992. Until today, there are three versions, Wingdings, Wingdings 2, and Wingdings 3. And since the font kept on widely used, people need for Wingdings translator for a proper translation. Before that, look back on the list below about some fun fact about this font:

1. The Community

Starting as a joke, more people love to use Wingdings for various purposes. This font has its community, consisted of numerous Wingdings enthusiasms. They try to spread this font as Wingdings Language and use it on many occasions. Moreover, since the visual character is easier to understand than words, many utilize Wingdings even if they don’t use this font properly.

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2. The Challenge

The Wingdings enthusiasms community claimed that the name came up from a game character, W.D. Gaster from Undertale. This theory based on the fact that W.D. (Wing Dings) Gaster talk expressed in Wingdings (font) language. Thus, the gamer who wants to know what he talked about the need for a short translation tool. From there, the challenge keeps upped to translate Wingdings language in readable fonts.

Translate Wingdings on Your Own

Aside from the chart of Wingdings translator printable, you can also translate the letter easily by using the Microsoft Word program. Although the steps are simpler and easier than looking back and forth for each character, this method only applied for the digital document. Look at the steps below:

1. Select the Wingdings Text

Some websites dared to put Wingdings in their design because it will give a better visual. Or others try to playing code and use this font in another digital document. When you found it, surely you would curious and want to know what it means. Thus, the first step is as simple as highlighting the Windings text for further steps.

2. Open a New Document in Microsoft Word

Later, you should open a new document in the Microsoft Word to run it as a Wingdings translator. Aside from this word processor program, the other Microsoft programs could also capable to do the task. Also, several vector design programs that you installed in your Windows system. But using Microsoft Words is the easiest among others mentioned.

3. Copy the Highlighted Wingding Text and Paste to the New Document

Reopen the program where the highlighted text appeared, then run the copy command. Afterward, you have to open the new document file you just created in Microsoft Word and paste there. That way, you would get a copy from the intended text to translate.

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4. Still in Selected Mode, Change the Font Type in Readable Version

And the last step is to change the font style to any readable fonts you prefer. You can command it from the toolbar ribbon of the Home menu. There’s the font styles dropdown box, and you only need to choose from there. While performing for the Wingdings translation, you have to select the text. Thus, the program would process your font changing command.

Wingdings Translator

Wingdings Translator Chart

Wingdings Translator Gaster

wingdings translator gaster

Wingdings to English Translator

Wingdings Translator Templates

You can also make your version of this kind translation chart. Maybe you can add some design to make it easier to look. And to share, you can save it as Wingdings translator PDF which people can download. There, you will have a translate tool under your name. Or if this thing still confuse you, look at the templates below and use it as your cheat sheet.


Wingdings Translator
Wingdings Translator
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doc wingdings translator chart 02 149 KB 285
doc wingdings translator chart 03 43 KB 206
doc wingdings translator chart 54 KB 219
doc wingdings translator chart 01 52 KB 219