3 Useful Ways To Share Customer Complaint Form

Understanding customers without criticism and suggestions we can not just get without getting the right feedback. To get feedback one of the ways is by giving a customer complaint form.

What Is Customer Complaint?

Complaint addressed from a customer to a company or public service institution, for services provided. Complaint can be in the form of positive and negative opinions. The company must have prepared themselves when people make complaints.

Usually positive complaints are rarely received, because people are more focused on services that are felt less comfortable, so they will give negative complaints.

However, whatever complaint is addressed, it is appropriate that the company can accept it gracefully. After all, the goal is also to improve services in the future so that customers will increase because they begin to feel comfortable.

Bank Customer Complaint Form

Bank Customer Complaint Form

Customer Complaint Form for Businesses

Customer Complaint Form for Businesses

Customer Complaint Form for Product Service

Customer Complaint Form for Product Service

Customer Complaint Form Hospitality

Customer Complaint Form Hospitality

NFA Customer Complaint Form

NFA Customer Complaint Form

Sample Customer Complaint Form

Sample Customer Complaint Form

How to Write Customer Complaint Form?

Complaining is not all can say it straight forwardly. There are some people who are reluctant to say it.

Therefore, suggestions should be made available such as a customer complaint form to accommodate the aspirations of customers. Maybe they are more comfortable writing complaints, rather than having to submit verbally.

Aside from feeling reluctant, usually they don’t have more time to just give a complaint. Except in some cases where customers feel upset and angry so they have to submit a complaint right away.

In writing the customer complaint form, you can provide 2 options, without mentioning the customer’s identity or the customer’s identity.

There are several advantages when you provide a customer identity column, you can get a database at the same time from the form of customer complaint. Because you will get the names of old and new customers.

On the other hand, if you don’t include a column to fill in the identity of the customer who complained, that means you only focus on the substance of the complaint. Or you can also protect the customer’s identity.

Some people are indeed reluctant to mention their identity when writing the complaint column, so they can convey it straightforwardly. There is discomfort if it is also known who made the complaint.

Maybe if a positive complaint is not a problem. It will be a problem if the customer gives a negative complaint and you know the person.

It contains only those two elements, the customer’s identity (whether yes or no) and the contents of the complaint submitted.

How To Provide An Effective And Efficient Form Of Customer Complaint

Usually people will give complaints when they are in an uncomfortable condition and cannot delay if they do not complain now. Or when they have free time to make a complaint.

There are several ways for you to get feedback complaints from your customers.

1. Create forms online

Making this form requires a shorter and more effective time. People nowadays prefer to use forms online because they are not limited to time and place.

2. Distributed via email

At certain events you can request customer emails. Or when you use your service, you can also request customer e-mails so you can send feedback forms for the service so far.

3. Distributed through social media

Social media can indeed reach more people. Because the majority of people will use social media to interact.

You can use this moment to spread the customer complaint form link. Target those social media users who also use your company’s facilities.

From this social media your company will be more exposed. But do not worry, because if your company is bona fide you will not be afraid to receive complaints from your customers.

Instead you need to show the professionalism of your company or your business by boldly asking for customer feedback.