20 Free Doctors Note Template

Doctors note is one of an important document besides a prescription. Some information is written here. For example about someone’s blood pressure, blind test result, and etc. This article gives you some doctors note template, a short explanation about the purpose and types of them.

Purpose of Doctors Note

Doctors have a duty to examine and declare whether someone is healthy or not. This is a piece of legal information and accurate evidence to prove whether someone’s health.

People go to the doctor to know what sickness they have. From that statement then people can have a clue how to cure the ill or do they need more rest. And maybe find what must avoid staying healthy with some allergic or illness.

Doctors statement about someone’s health is written in a note. But they are more than one type of note. There are a few notes that doctors have. Each doctor note template has its own purpose. Here you can get the doctor note template pdf for free. It is also editable and printable.

4 Types of Doctor’s Note

The example of doctors note template may have the various type. But before you download the templates, here are some explanation about each type of doctors note. So you can decide which one do you need.

1. Doctor’s Appointment Note

If you are e new doctor and wants to have your own clinic, this template is needed. This note is used to make an appointment between patient and doctor. So you can easily estimate how many patients you should see on that day.

It does not only give benefit to the doctor’s time schedule. The patient also gets the benefit from this appointment note.

Because they don’t need to wait for a long time. They just need to go a few minutes before their schedule.

2. Applying for The Job

The second type of doctors note templates is to help people applying for a job. This notes usually contains a few information as the example template in this article.

The doctors will write some basic information about patients, such as name, age, gender, height, and weight. In addition, doctors also measure blood pressure and types.

Then, if the company wants more detail information such as whether he or she has color blind, doctors can provide the test too. And give additional information about them on the notes.

3. For School Absence

Sometime when kids got sick, doctors will suggest them to take a rest at home. Especially if the disease is contagious and can spread easily to other kids.

Doctors will give notes to the teacher. So those kids have permission to take a rest at home. This is a legal document to help the student do make-up exams after being healthy.

They would be able to join another test without getting any risk. Such as drop out or has a bad score as if they do the remedial test.

4. Permission to Travel Aboard

For a maternity mom, traveling with an airplane may risky. They need to do a medical checkup and bring the doctor’s note to do the flight. This doctors note printable document can be download for this purpose.

This article provides an example to make traveling permission for maternity mom. Simply print this template and give it to your doctor. Some people use this to make a fake doctors document.

But before you do this, make sure that you understand the risk. It actually not hard to come to the doctor and take some test.

Or if you want to make the process faster, download this printable pdf template, and bring it to your doctor. So they don’t need to make their own notes and ask you to wait for a longer time.

After downloading all the templates here, don’t forget to adjust the notes according to what you need. Doctors note template pdf can be edited in Microsoft Word or another similar software. But first, convert it to document file format.

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