10 Free Educational leadership philosophy

Educational leadership philosophy

Being a teacher or headmaster of a school is a big dream for those people who passionate about education. Teaching student and help them to be smarter is maybe the purpose of a teacher’s life. Before being a good teacher, someone must understand about educational philosophy. This article will give you some educational leadership and tell you how to make it. It consists of a few parts that can show how people teach and help the student learn. This following step is a guide to make the educational leadership philosophy.

1. Describe What Education Means To You

Education isn’t just about giving knowledge or accept the new things in class. It means differ to each people. Some of them want to educate people to make the student smart.

Then other people be a teacher because they want to make a better future for their student. Make a better future doesn’t mean the student must be smart at all subject.

Make student smart on the other hand, doesn’t mean can help to brighten their future. Identify the meaning of education to your life. And what you want to get through study and teach people.

2. Know The Goal of Teaching

After finding what education means to you, let’s find out the goal of teaching. For example, are you teaching to make the student smarter? Or to help them find new knowledge.

The goal can affect many things after this step. From this goal, you can identify what strategy will use to some kind of knowledge. Then what kind of approaching style to help the student understand the subject.

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3. Describe What Actually Student Needs To Learn

As a teacher, besides knowing the minimum things should mastered by the student. You must know what exactly the purpose of each subject.

Everything learns at school has a moral purpose or a life support purpose. For example, learning about history. For the student, this is just like looking at the past and remembering all things happened before.

But actually, from this subject, the student needs to know about life. Life isn’t just what happens now or next days. It happens because yesterday exists.

History isn’t just about remembering an important date, but also as respect to all people fight for yesterday so we can have a bright future.

4. Define an Ideal Study Environment

The fourth things to consider while making an educational leadership statement is defining a study environment. How a perfect class should arrange.

Then make a facility list that should provide by the school to support student and teacher. Describe the ideal environment in a paragraph or as long as you need.

5. Write To An educational leadership philosophy examples In This Article

This example basically consists of three part. They are the introduction, body, and conclusion. After brainstorming and answer the question in 4 steps before, you can start to write them down as an educational leadership philosophy.

The introduction consists of the first question’s answer. Describe your thought about education and your tendency about ideal education in your opinion. Then follow it by an explanation about how will you teach the student.

Complete it in body parts of this philosophy statement. Tell the reader about every detail that supports your introductions. Close this statement by giving a short conclusion. Make it clear and make sure you write them exactly the same as the way you think

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Making an educational leadership philosophy statement as this example can help you be a good teacher. It will make you think more about how to teach and make a teaching plan.

Sometimes when you need to do a personal evaluation, this statement will help a lot. This educational leadership philosophy will make your work easier. Simply follow the flow of this example and make your own unique statement.

Educational leadership philosophy

Educational leadership philosophy