20+ Best Fax Cover Sheet Template & Example

In the scope of business correspondence, a fax cover sheet is a very familiar thing that a lot of people are always using. In the simplest way possible, it is pretty much like the name itself. It is the cover that comes on top of any fax for whatever purpose that is. To make the most use of this particular thing, it is crucial to know all of the things about it. A lot of people may be familiar with the term but unable to make one properly.

What is a Fax Cover Sheet?

This particular thing is generally a specific type of document to explain and describe the fax to follow afterward. It comes first before the actual fax. It covers the fax so that the content of the fax is not accessible right away.

In a much more specific way, the idea of a fax cover sheet is to explain the one to receive the fax, the one who send the fax, and accurate information about the content of the fax. It is a specific sheet that contains all of the essential information regarding the fax and what to do with it. Among the things that will be there on this kind of thing are the urgency of the fax and the confidentiality of the content in the fax. It will help the operator or someone who handles faxes to do something accordingly to the fax.



Fax Cover Sheet Template




This document comes with a high level of importance in a professional scope. It will determine the nature of the fax. It gets much more pivotal in an environment where there is only one fax machine with one operator to handle and deal with faxes. It will eventually prevent the fax from reaching the wrong people. Never underestimate the importance of this thing along the rather tricky steps to write the right one. Using a fax cover sheet example is a good idea.

How to Write a Fax Cover?

With a clear understanding of this type of document, the next crucial aspect is the steps to write it professionally. It sounds simple to find one of many choices of the fax cover sheet template out there and use it to write one. It is possible to do that for sure. Yet, the result may not be the best one in doing it that way. So, it is always better to know the step by step in writing it correctly, especially in the professional scope of business correspondence.

Instead of searching for a fax cover sheet example on the internet to use, it is a better idea to start making one from scratch. Once a good template is available, it is possible to use it all over again in the future. So, these are the steps to write a good cover sheet for the fax.

  • Start writing it by putting the so-called letterhead right on top of the cover sheet for the fax. It will be the identification feature for the one receiving it. The head may refer to an individual, organization, or company.
  • Write all of the data regarding the sender and receiver of the fax right there in a few lines below the letterhead section. This section includes all of the information regarding the sender and receiver of the fax.
  • Below that previous section is the place for the comments section. Write down the notes regarding the fax on this section to make sure that the fax reaches the right place and person later on.

Fax Cover Sheet Example


Things to Include in a Fax Cover

Making a fax cover sheet template from scratch is simple with the right knowledge about it. It is not just about the steps to write it down. The things to include in a cover sheet for fax will affect the outcome when trying to compose it.

There are a few things that will need to be there on a fax cover sheet printable so that it is among the decent ones. The information about the sender needs to be there in the form of letterhead. What should be there on the head of a letter? It needs to include the company name, phone number, address, email address, and fax number. That set is the standard set for a letterhead regardless of the purpose of writing any documents that need it.

Within the information section of the cover sheet, all things about the sender, the receiver, and the fax need to be there. This section will contain the recipient name, recipient fax number, recipient phone number, fax subject, sender name, and the number of pages, date, and anyone else that needs to know about it. Not one of those things to miss when writing a decent fax cover sheet printable.

More about the things to include in a cover sheet for fax is the proper acronyms for the information in it. Check out this list of the right acronyms for the correct information to display next to each one of them.

  • From: Sender
  • Fax: Sender’s fax number
  • Phone: Sender’s phone number
  • To: Fax receiver’s company
  • Attn: The specific fax receiver
  • Fax: Receiver’s fax number
  • Phone: Receiver’s phone number
  • Date: The sending date
  • Re: regarding
  • Pages: The number of pages of the fax
  • Subject: The explanation regarding the fax

Fax Cover Sheet Sample


Tips to Fill out a Template of Fax Cover

With a fax cover sheet printable it is possible to cut the length of the making of the cover. It only needs a bit of time to fill out the blanks before sending the finished cover sheet. There is one thing to pay attention to the best outcome of it. One of the things is to pay attention to the information to fill. Double-check everything to avoid making mistakes there.

Fax Cover Sheet Printable



Making a fax cover is not a difficult thing to do at all. It comes only with a few things to pay close attention to when trying to compose one. It is also easy to find a template and fill out the specific information for the cover sheet, and the cover sheet is ready.