9 Free Reference Page Template & Example

The reference page is one of the pages that must there whether in a research paper or a book. This page is quite important. It’s because this page shows where all the resources of the report or book form. In addition, people will also know that you use trustworthy data.

There are many components that must be there on this page. Those components help the reader to find out about what the book used as a reference. Moreover, it also makes the reader easier to find a book or other references. Below are five important components on this page.

Important Components In Reference Page Templates

1. Spacing

The first thing that most people have to pay attention to spacing. It’s related to the reference format. Spacing in this page is different with spacing in the report itself. Moreover, there is a rule on how to use spacing here.

If you are using APA style, then you should use double spaced. In addition, a hanging indent format must use the left margin. Additionally, the subsequent lines must be indented in the same entry.

2. Authors

Authors make the reader understand who write the book. Moreover, there are a lot of books with the same title, but different authors have a different perception. This is why in a reference page pdf or printable, authors have an important role.

In this page, the name of the authors should be written in order. It makes the reader easier to find out the authors of the book or journal. Thus, this method is very helpful.

Therefore, it is very helpful. Keep in mind and a good book or journal must have a writer behind it.

3. Publishing

There is a lot of things that you should pay attention related to publishing. The first thing is about the year of publishing. Then, the next thing is about what the publisher and where it is published. Publishing is one way to know more about a report/book/journal.

Through publishing, we know where we can find the book in the reference page. Moreover, the year of publishing shows the information. As a consequence, the readers know whether the information has updated or not. This is so important. For instance, if it’s about technology.

The writer has to use update information if the information about the present time. It’s important because the update information will help the reader at this time. The updated one will only give information and won’t give any affection about life now on.

4. Title

Another thing that should be there in the reference page is a title. Why the title? Because there is no books, journal articles and reports without a title. The title is so important. The reader can read the title on this page has relation with the book subject.

Moreover, it shows how far the writer understands the book. The title shows the relation. In addition, it shows what kind of resources that the writer use. Additionally, writing title as a reference must be in italic. I’m because to make an emphasizer.

5. Order

There are rules on how to write references on this page. Starting from the authors, then the year of publishing. After that, the title comes out and then the page and where it is published. The order must be the same for all books.

However, if it’s a journal or reference from a website, there is a special rule. Their orders are different from books order. On the other hand, the authors, year of publishing and the title still in the same order.

That information must be there whether in reference page printable or pdf. None of them have to be omitted.

Reference Page Template

Reference Page Template
Reference Page Template

Reference Page Sample

Reference Page Sample