5 Global Gender Gap Report And Important Things You Have To Know!

The first Gender Gap Report published by the World Economic Forum in 2006. This report measures the inequality between male and female in four different aspects. The index result assesses on how each country divides the opportunity and resources between the genders.

The Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum is an annual report that aims to measure gender equality in different areas of society. This year’s report includes information about equalizing opportunities for men and women in the workplace, education, health, political empowerment and beyond.

What to Know about Global Gender Gap Report

The purpose of Gender Gap Report is to show which country with the least gap of gender inequality. That way, this report could be a catalyst in motivating other countries to lessen the gender gap. And to know more about this report, read the list below:

1. What to Measure for the Report

The report showed e on the result of measuring the four critical living areas. Because in these areas women have the disadvantage to achieve for gender equality in every country. And also, the imbalance of the population on gender doesn’t become a factor. Here are the measured aspects in the report:

  • Economic participation and opportunity. This aspect measures on salaries and the number of high-skilled employment.
  • Education attainment. Here, assessing how each gender has access to education, from the basic education until high education.
  • Politic empowerment. In the political area would show on the representative for the decision maker personals.
  • Health and survival. The aspect would show life expectancy and sex ratio on each gender. While the female baby has a lower life expectancy, but the male population has a shorter life span.

2. The Survey Population

Until 2017, the number for the survey population for the report increased to 144 countries. The number of survey population covered for more than ninety percents of the world population in total. Sadly, the inequality number kept increasing after the years. And to cross the gap it needs for more than 200 years. This result is worrying because despite the technology advantages, there still inequality in the four mentioned areas. Thus, this condition needs for the new strategy to lessen the gap.

3. Women in Disadvantage

Since the recorded history of human being, the female population always in the disadvantage. The reason is that in the most society, the male population holds the higher position. And this condition maintained until the later years of 20th century. Even when this Global Gender Gap Report printable started to conduct, the gap is still lingering, especially in the developing and third world countries.

4. Women Leader

The gap in the health and education areas surely kept shortened. But in the politic and economic aspects, the male population dominated the areas. In the politic aspect, the number of women empowerment is still low, for around two percent increase per year. But there’s a fun fact from the result of this study. Because when women in charge of a high position, they tend to hire for more women. It could be a strategy to have more women leader for gender equality.

5. Growing Business

This point has a relationship with the previous one. Because by giving the same chance for women to have a business would the number of the gender gap would get shortened. Back in the day, women have a lower chance to grow business, particularly the business that affected the nation domestic income. But with the bigger chance given, the opportunity for women to have high income and has striving career could lead to gender equality in the economic aspect.

Global Gender Gap Report Templates

And to know more about this worrying matter, you could take a look at the Global Gender Gap Report PDF which published each year. The main purpose of this report is to get the index on the gender gap. And with that index, the world’ decision-makers could provide some escape from this inequality. Thus, all the human being could live without gap regardless of gender. And if you need to write the Gender Gap Re post, you can use the templates below.

Gender Gap Report

The Gender Gap Report is a study conducted by McKinsey in collaboration with LeanIn.org and the American Association of University Women (AAUW). The report is a comprehensive analysis of the current state of women’s achievement across 50 countries in relation to men’s achievement and provides recommendations for enhancing gender parity.

Gender Gap Report
Gender Gap Report

Global Gender Gap Report

The Global Gender Gap Report is a report that has been published annually by the World Economic Forum since 2011 in order to measure the magnitude of gender disparities in different areas of life.

With a goal to close the gender gap, it has been estimated that by 2045, women will make up 50% of the global workforce.

Global Gender Gap Report
Global Gender Gap Report

Global Gender Gap Report 2021

The Global Gender Gap Report is a comprehensive report on the progress of gender equality. This year’s edition was released by the World Economic Forum in January.

The report examines four factors that contribute to whether women and men have an equal opportunity to enjoy their well-being: health, education, employment and political empowerment. The global gender gap has closed significantly over the past 30 years, with rates of improvement in many countries steadily increasing.

This year’s report reveals that while progress has been steady and significant, there is more to be done to close the yawning gap between men and women in terms of political participation and social protection.

Global Gender Gap Report 2020

In the last 20 years, the gender gap has narrowed, but it is still wide. This report examines the progress made, looks at the future of gender equality and discusses what is needed to achieve equality in all areas.

Introduction: In this report, we have examined progress made by different countries in narrowing gender equality gaps since 1990 and discovered that among 29 countries evaluated for gender-based wage gaps, 12 had closed or significantly narrowed their wage gap. The report also shows that although women are more likely to be out of work due to caring responsibilities than men in most countries worldwide, these differences are often not reflected when it comes to paychecks.

There are some issues around how women and men experience different life stages according to their gender in some places. Women are more likely than men to say they are happy, satisfied and enjoy life in comparison to men, but the data also show that women who have children tend to be less happy than those without children.

Global Gender Gap Report 2020
Global Gender Gap Report 2020

Global Gender Gap Report 2019

The Global Gender Gap Report 2019 is a survey report by the World Economic Forum. This report explains some of the findings of gender disparity in terms of access, opportunity and outcomes.

The Global Gender Gap Report is an annual publication by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The 2019 edition of the report is an update on findings from 2018 with key new data and insights into gender equality across four domains: health, education, economic opportunity and political empowerment.

The report found that while there has been progress in most areas related to gender equality, there are still large disparities across countries and regions.


Global Gender Gap Report 2019
Global Gender Gap Report 2019

Global Gender Gap Report 2018

The Global Gender Gap 2018 report was released by the World Economic Forum on December 7, 2017. It revealed that a typical woman worldwide earns just US $11,000 a year compared to US $20,000 for a typical man. In other words, gender pay gap is seen across 21 countries around the world.

This document provides an overview of the state of women in different countries around the world. It also talks about what are challenges and opportunities for closing the gender gap in these countries.

Global Gender Gap Report 2018
Global Gender Gap Report 2018