5 Free Crucial Police Report Template Sections With 20 Template Examples

A police report template is a template about a physical record document of an incident. The incident itself could be legal or illegal. The only policeman writes police reports or incident reports. It’s because writing this report has to be serious. This report involves legal procedures.

In addition, policeman writes a report after an accident or a crime. A police report has a certain or special template. There are many kinds of template for a police report. It depends on the incident that occurs. The different sections of the police report are as follow.

Data Of The Incident Segment

This segment of the incident report tells about the type of alleged crime. The crime itself could be about rape, burglary, murder, etc. Another thing that should there in this segment is where the incident takes place.

In addition, date and time both of the incident and technical report are also there. The data of the incident is one of the important parts of the police report template. Most of the template have this segment. It’s a crucial thing in a template.

Reporting Party Segment

Another segment that always there in the incident report template is party segment. There is a reporting party which has an important role in the incident. This segment has detail information about the name, birthday, and complete address. Moreover, there is also nationality, social security number, and marital status.

The relationship between people in the party is important. Furthermore, even the wrongdoer is also included. The detail information about a victim, suspect or even a witness is there in this segment. Therefore, this party section.segment is important to be there in a template.

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Alleged Suspect Segment

The next segment is about the alleged suspect segment. In this section, there is some data about the suspect for the incident report. It is about how the suspect looks like. Usually, it’s about the description of the suspect itself. There is also other basic information about the suspect.

That information is like the name of the suspect, address, and birthday. There are also other things like marital status and job. This section is one of the important section if there is a suspect in the incident.

However, if the incident happens by itself then there is no suspect. At last, this section is no need. Take it for example if an accident because of the slippery road. There are only a victim and no suspect.

Victim Segment

Not far from the previous segment above, this segment contains detail information about the victim. That information is about the name of the victim, marital status, and birthday. In addition, most importantly, there is also the address and social security number.

The social security number here is the number of the person who reports the incident. If the victim is more than one than the detail information is about those victims. This report is usually a police report template printable. It is to make the police easier in writing it manually.

Narrative Segment

This segment is one of the important parts of the police report. It’s because this section describes a whole story of the incidents. Why the incident could happen and how it happens. Therefore, in the narrative segment, the police write anything about the incident.

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Police tell the story from the beginning to the end. Without this section, there is going to be no explanation about the incident. The data information about the victim, suspect, and party feel empty without this segment. In addition, this segment also tells about how many people involved.

Both police report template pdf and printable contain all the information above. They are related to one another. One segment or section cannot stand alone. It’s because all of them are connected.


police report template

police report template