10+ Useful Hazard Report Forms

Near hits unfortunately happen a lot of times. The only way to reducing the statistics is by warning other people based on your experience. You might think that you can simply do that by telling other people. But, there’s actually a more effective way. The tips is to use a hazard report forms. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the form, we’re here to tell you all about it.

What Should be Included In a Hazard Report Forms

You need to give all the details to make a comprehensive warning. That is why you need all of these aspects in your hazard report forms:

  1. Information of reporter
    First, you need to write down all about the person who reports the potential hazard. Write down their name, address, and contact number. This will make it easier for future contact.
  2. Elaboration of observation
    Then, write an elaboration of the hazard. This elaboration should come from the person who is investigating the hazard. The elaboration should not be more than one paragraph or 5-6 sentences. It should explain the current condition of the hazard.
  3. Details about potential hazard
    You could mention the time and place of the hazard. In this section, you could also elaborate the technicalities of the hazard.
  4. Recommendation on what to do
    Based on your professional view, what should be done? Write all about that recommendation in this section.
  5. What needs to be done
    In this section, you get more realistic and specific. What kind of job needs to be done to eliminate or reduce the hazard? Who should be involved? When should it be done? Write it in detail in this section.
  6. Information of hazard handler
    Finally, write down your name and your company ID number. If you want, you could also add your phone number.

Basic Hazard Report Forms

Basic Hazard Report Form

Hazard Identification Report Form

Hazard Identification Report Form

Hazard Report Forms Sample

Hazard Report Form Sample

Hazard Report Number Form

Hazard Report Number Form

Incident and Hazard Report Forms

Incident and Hazard Report Form

Report of Unsafe Condition or Hazard

Report of Unsafe Condition or Hazard

Ways To be More Careful

You’ve dealt first hand with danger. Now, it’s time for you to avoid it. One of the way to do that is by doing these stuff:

  1. Watch the hazard signs
    Hazard signs appear everywhere. Therefore, know how a hazard sign looks. Avoid that place at all cost if you see the sign.
  2. Keep your eyes open
    Sometimes, not all hazardous material comes with a sign. Therefore, you still need to keep your eyes peeled for a dangerous area.
  3. Spread the word
    Keeping the information to yourself is dangerous. Instead, what you could do is to spread the word to other people. Talk about hazardous area in your neighborhood. Educate children to be more aware and careful. This education may save lots of lives.
  4. Educate yourself about the different kinds of hazards
    Not all hazards look the same. That is why it is important to know the different kind of hazards.

Dangerous Areas To Avoid

If you really want to avoid danger, there’s some areas you really need to avoid. The first common area is an area that is newly constructed. This area might have some open wires that is hazardous. Sometimes it also hasn’t been tested on the sturdiness. So, it might be best to avoid this area.

The next area to avoid is old, abandoned buildings. If the building is not taken care of, mold and all kinds of bug can weaken the construction. You might be struck by a piece of the building on your way in. Or, the dust and mold could make you ill.

Don’t let other people go through danger by using a hazard report forms. This is your way to bringing the good to your neighborhood. Added with our tips, you’ll be the hero of the day!