5 Best Samples Insurance Proposal Form

In connection with the human condition as a material consideration when sick, then a person can apply for insurance protection for himself or for others. You do not have to wait for insurance companies to offer you first. Simply by using this insurance proposal form you can make request insurance to the insurance company that you want.

What Is Insurance Proposal?

Is an application for insurance protection made by a person or business entity. Both to protect personal or property, for example a vehicle. This insurance proposal form will help you fill out insurance protection.

It is still a bit ordinary for people to apply for insurance protection. Because usually we more often get offers from insurance companies. For example when we buy a car. The car must be protected by insurance in the event of an accident on the road.

Concern In Using Insurance Proposal

Insurance users before compared to now are far away. In the past there were still very few people who used insurance. It was caused by people in the past not paying attention to considerations about conditions that would occur. Such as accidents, natural disasters, theft, etc.

They more often pay fees when a loss occurs. But with the presence of this insurance, then you don’t need to worry if at any time something happens to you. Or your assets in the form of stock, vehicles and homes.

Therefore, at this time many people are starting to choose to pay a premium every month for the sake of unpredictable conditions that will occur.

In addition to applying for insurance protection. Insurance proposals can also be made by insurance companies by offering insurance with regular monthly or annual premium payments.

Car Insurance Proposal Form

Car Insurance Proposal Form

Engineering Plant Insurance Proposal Form

Engineering Plant Insurance Proposal Form

National Insurance Proposal Form

National Insurance Proposal Form

Office Insurance Proposal Form

Office Insurance Proposal Form

Personal Health Insurance

Personal Health Insurance

Sample Commercial Insurance Proposal Form

Sample Commercial Insurance Proposal Form

Parts of The Insurance Proposal Form

1. Name

The name here is the person who applied for insurance. This name is the identity of the insurance object that will be written on the insurance policy. So when writing it must be true and in accordance with the identity held by the insurance proposal submission.

2. Address

Address is also an important part of the identity that you must write down. With this address it will be easy to communicate or contact people between the insurance company and the proposal maker.

3. Occupation

This work also needs to be mentioned in the insurance proposal form. Because by knowing the type of work, it will determine the high level of risk insurance protection needed by that person. For example, people who work in an office will be different from people who work as firefighters. It is clear that both have different risks.

4. Sum-Insured

In this section you need to mention what you will insure.

5. Claims History

You must write down if you have previously used insurance. Either with the same or different insurance companies, when you have filed an insurance claim and what you claimed.

6. Other Insurances

Mention of other insurance that you follow is also necessary, so that there is no double protection on the same object. This violates the policy in providing insurance.

7. Declinature

You must also write down if you have previously made an insurance claim or filed an insurance that was rejected. And state the reason for the rejection from the insurance company. Every insurance company has a different policy, so you don’t need to be afraid if you get rejected again.

8. Declaration

Each proposal requires a declaration which is the contents of the insurance proposal form. Ensure that there is an agreement between the insurance company and the object of coverage regarding the amount of premium to be paid and the appropriate insurance object.

9. Signature

Finally, don’t forget to sign your insurance protection application form and the date it was made.