25 Valuable Lab Report Templates With 5 Key Important Components

A lab report is a document with general format describing your findings and its significance. This document has the same purpose regardless of variations. In addition, it is usually the Professor wanting something different from the report. Moreover, a good report demonstrates the writer’s understanding of the concepts of the data.

Writing this report doesn’t only focus on the expectation and the results. Furthermore, it focuses on how and the reason for the differences. On the other hand, the format itself helps to organize the writing about your idea. Moreover, it makes you express them coherently. Here are the report’s components.

Important Components of Lab Report

Title Page And Abstract

The first thing that should there in the report is the title page and the abstract. The title page contains the name of the research. Moreover, there is also the name of the partners and the date when it occurs. The title itself should be informative and straightforward.

Furthermore, use less than ten words for the title. However, the abstract should use 100-200 words in one paragraph. It’s because the abstract contains the summarizing of four aspects in the report. Additionally, the abstract explains the purpose, key findings, methods, and conclusion. It also includes a short reference to the theory.


A report could be in the form of a lab report pdf. Although it uses pdf format, it also contains a printed report. Introduction section tells a lot about the background and the objective of the experiment. Moreover, the good one also tells about the previous studies.

It makes the readers know about what happened before. Additionally, it tells them about the formula that they need to know. Therefore, there is also an example in this section. In order to make the readers understand, the writer also needs to make an illustration.

Methodology And Material

The next section is the methodology and material. In this part, the writers have to use simple past tense. It’s because this chapter contains information that the researcher has done. Additionally, always try to make a simple accurate and complete list in this section. This chapter makes your lab report acceptable.

Consequently, the reader understands the methodology that you use and so do the materials. There are also experimental procedure and results after this chapter before the discussion. Remember to describe everything clearly and chronologically. Explain everything steps by step. Then, following calculation, figures, and tables in the resulting chapter.


The discussion is one of the most important parts of the lab/research report. It shows your understanding of the theory and your research result. Here, the researcher explains, analyses and interprets the theory and his idea. Therefore, the researcher often focuses on the meaning or significance of the result.

There are two aspects that usually discuss here. The questions between these two aspects related to one another. Therefore, they are inseparable. A comparison is usually there. Most of all are about what’s gained and the expected result.

As a consequence, there is also an analysis of the experimental error. In addition, the researchers relate the result with the purpose of the experiment. Then, they compare it with a similar investigation. After that, they find and analyze the limitation and strength of the research.

Conclusion And References

The last thing that should be there in the report is conclusion and references. The researchers conclude what they have found in their experiments. They also take the conclusion from the comparison that they analyze. Here, the reader will understand whether the experimental works or not.

References tell a lot about where the researchers get all the data. Moreover, the references are proof that the researcher does something according to the theory. Thus, reference is so important to avoid plagiarism and to strength the researcher’s opinion.

Those all the components that must be there both in lab report printable and pdf. Therefore, the format of the report must contain those components.

Lab Report

Lab Report

Lab Report Template

Lab Report Template

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Physics Lab Report Example

Lab Report Example