7+ Amazing Parent Feedback Form

Parents plays an important role in a child’s life. This includes the aspect of their life for giving feedbacks. Feedbacks from parents is valuable. This is because they have more experience. They also come with a good intention to help their child. That is why you need to harvest their feedback by creating a parent feedback form.

When Do You Need A Feedback from Parents?

Feedbacks shouldn’t be asked for every time. There are some specific time that fits the occasion. Here are some occasion when a parent feedback form is needed:

• To assess teachers

Teachers are the trainers of young minds. Teachers are one of the most influential person in a child’s life. Since they are so important, a feedback from parents is really needed.

• To assess teaching material quality

The quality of what is being taught also needs to be constantly improved. Parents’ will have a lot of experience in knowing what a good education is.

• To assess extracurriculars

Extras are one of the activity that a child can really get invested in. Knowing that their child is in a doing high quality activity is important. Make sure to make room for feedback in this area.

• To assess school infrastructure quality

Most parents pay for their child’ school. So, they should have a say on what their child gets.

The Format of A Parent Feedback Form

Now that you know when to use the form, it is time to make it. To make one, you need to know the building blocks of the form. Those building blocks will then create a concise and accommodative form. Here are four main structure of a parent feedback form :

• Parent’s and child information

Here, parents should be able to write down a few things. First is their name and their child’s name. additionally, they should be able to write their contact number.

• Prompts

Questions should be tailored to what the form is for. If it is about infrastructure, then questions like how good the building is should be asked. The form to these prompts can be in the form of a yes/no answer, a rating, or an open question.

• Personal review

The last part of the form should include a section for their own feedback.

• Contact detail

Your institution contact detail should be mentioned. This is so that if there is any concern from parents, they can contact you right away.

How to Accommodate Parents

Your institution still needs to show that you care for parents. To do that, you need to show it outside a parent feedback form. The first tips is to get in touch with them personally. Make sure that you make some time to contact them one on one. This shows that parents are not just mere data. They are a person who needs to be heard and your institution realize that.

Day Care Parent Feedback Form

Day Care Parent Feedback Form

Parent Conference Feedback Form

Parent Conference Feedback Form

Parent Feedback Form Example

Parent Feedback Form Example

Parent Feedback Form for Teacher

Parent Feedback Form for Teacher 1

Parent Feedback Form in PDF

Parent Feedback Form in PDF 1

Parent Workshop Feedback Form

Parent Workshop Feedback Form 1

The next tips would be to make sure their feedback are heard and implemented. Your words will be empty if you don’t take action. Assess their feedback and work on making things better. Then, you need to report your progress. If not, parents will feel be in the dark about what has happened. This action also makes them feel like their feedback is truly heard.

After progress is made, keep asking for feedbacks. Let them know that you value those comments. Show the progress you’re going to implement.

A parent feedback form is a simple way to show parents that they are heard. Create a perfect form with our format. Distribute it in the right time. Also use our tips to accommodate parent’s needs. Then, you’ll see how parents starts to love your institution for going the extra mile!