20 Awesome Personal Statement Essay Free Examples

Most of the acceptance system at school using some special conditions. They are personal statement essay, achievement certificate, and another requirement. Students may be confused while making this essay. To make the work easier here are several tips to do the personal statement and example of the essay.

1. Get The Template From Targeted School

Before you write an essay, please make sure and do research. Open the school’s website to see whether any requirement or desired format.

Better to know this before, because if the school has its own format then you don’t make as what they want. There is a chance the essay may be rejected.

2. Follow The Template

After having the template or an example personal statement essay from the school. Follow the template and write like your opinion. The personal statement essay template may order you to a font type, font size, space, alignment until the writing frame, and heading style.

If there is no template from school so you can download the personal statement essay sample in this article as a reference. But be sure not to copy paste, and change several weird words.

A good essay really shows who you are and how you think. If you just copying then this essay is not matched to your personality.

3. Re-Check The Essay

After writing all idea to the personal statement essay, recheck them by reading it again. You can ask help for older people to read them.

Make sure they easily understand the essay. Also, check the grammar and word choice. It’s ok if the words still too much. The important thing is the essay shows who you are and easy to understand.

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4. Delete Unimportant or Less Important Thing

The next step to check is deleting the unimportant part. After reading the whole essay, you will meet some words or sentence that is not too important or not effective.

Try to delete it or change the word so they will have a better meaning. In this personal statement essay sample, you can see that every sentence used is strong and clear.

5. Highlight The Best Thing About You

The essay must present the best personality that you have. For example, special skills, positive personality or your achievement.

Write them down to give a stronger essay. It will be a consideration for the essay’s evaluator. If your ability, skill, or achievement can support the future plan, there will be a great chance to accept you there.

Because they think that you quite understand what you must do to reach your dreams. It also shows that you are a realistic and logical person.

6. Ask Teacher Or Friend To Read Your Essay

After deleting unimportant things, highlighting the important part, and recheck the grammar, ask your teacher to correct it again. You can ask them to give any suggestion about the essay.

Or if they would be an interview after sending the requirement, you can practice it too based on the essay. Because most of the selection system which uses interview will ask you based on your essay. So it will be great if you prepare the answer.

In this article, you can find

example. Download them and then learn about the format. Make a smart essay for the personal statement and be honest.

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Because the best essay is those can show the characteristic, skill, value, and your tendency about some problems. All aspects should be related and complement each other. An essay is like a body. It comes in a tittle and has to explain well about the writer.

At first, the writer may feel difficult and think that their work is not so good. But by doing some practice by writing and writing again the essay would be better. Collect some reference from the elder class maybe helps too.

Personal Statement Essay

Personal Statement Essay

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