10 Amazing Examples of Personal Statement Nursing Studies and What You Need To Prepare Before Writing It

Personal statement nursing is a statement letter you need to write before applying a nursing study. Many people said a personal statement could affect 70% of your acceptance. Hence, if you really want to be a nursing student, you need to know how to make a personal statement. And if you want to make a decent personal statement, you need to know what you must prepare. These are it.

A Brief Life History

Before writing a personal statement nursing, make in mind your brief life history. Remember about the most impactful events ever happened to you in your life. It could be the happiest or the worst memories. Whatever it is, choose the most inspiring stories you have. And don’t forget, the strongest story that will help you get the acceptance you want.

When you write this, don’t write like you’re making a report. Make as if you’re telling it to fascinate someone. You’d better train yourself to make a short story before deciding to write your personal statement.

The Educational Background

The second thing you must prepare is your educational background. What is the education you’ve through? Is it formal or non-formal? Whatever it is, make sure you have the educational background that is relevant to your study choice. However, it doesn’t mean that you can only include nursing education. If you ever through some training like first-aid training, social management training, you can include it still.

The Experiences (Professional or Not)

If you want to make a powerful personal statement nursing studies, make sure you have relatable experiences. Whether it’s professional or not. It’s best if you can explain how your experiences affect other’s lives. Such as if you have the experience to work in a deprived country. Or you make an innovation or program to increase the life quality of society.

However, you need to include the proofs alongside your experiences. Don’t only tell the experiences and can’t show it you really experience it.

The Skills You Have

Aside with your experience, also mention about the skills you have. You don’t need to include all skills, just the relevant skills to make you an exceptional nursing student. Just the same with the experiences, you need to show the evidence that you indeed have the skills.

Hence, far before you decide to apply for nursing study, prepare all the skills you need to through. The skills you need such as basic life-saving skill, analytic, and social skill.

Reasons To Apply For The Studies

If you want to be successful in writing a personal statement nursing, don’t forget to arrange your reasons for applying. You’d better prepare this long before the application deadline approaches. After you choose a university, seek the best quality of the university you’ve chosen. Especially on its nursing studies. Then, arrange it on the draft and include it on your personal statement. The stronger your application reasons, the stronger your potential to be accepted.

The Goals You Want To Reach

Now, let’s plan for your personal goals. Make sure you have realistic as well as linear goals to be included on your personal statement. And then, find out the best way to reach it. After you create a complete method to get your dream, write it down on the personal statement.

Your Personal Contact

Lastly but importantly, don’t forget to include your personal contact. Make sure your contact remains active until your acceptance letter come. It’s better if you add more than personal contact. You can include email, address, fax, and telephone number altogether.

It is all the things you must prepare before to write a personal statement of nursing. If you want to have more insights, you can check on these personal statement nursing template below. You can choose a personal statement nursing printable or personal statement nursing template pdf.

Examples of Personal Statement Nursing

Personal Statement Nursing
Personal Statement Nursing