20 Project Task List Template Excel To Increase Your Team Productivity

Project Task List Template Excel: Whether you are a project manager or part of the team, a to-do list will help you to accomplish the tasks. It makes your job goes hand in hand with others. Seeing its importance, don’t forget to add what is every part has to do. So, here, we are about to discuss a project task list template excel.

Why do we choose the excel format? Compared to another format (like words, even more, PowerPoint), its form eases you to put details inside. You can write some explanation and make an extra table needed. It could be anything you want, as long as you don’t miss any important point.

How To Increase Productivity Through Project Task List Template Excel

Remember, a list is a tool for you to monitor any progress. You cannot just ignore as it is without any control. So, points below help you to stick on the line:

1. Action To-Do

A project list is also known as a to-do list. It contains all the things to be done by people. So, write down and take time to remember what other tasks to finish. It might take times because you have to be very detail. Pay attention to every unit or member so your project is in good coordination.

Sometimes making a to-do list needs more than a day or a week. It is because of the additional work needed during the time. That is okay, and just be flexible. Add that new task but keep focusing on what you have listed before.

2. Detail Tasks

After listing all works, it is time to make a description. The more detail you are, the better your team will understand. Or if you make the list for yourself, it minimizes you to forget little thing. Remember, a project task list is like a written direction for you and your people.

If you feel confused, see this project task list template excel sample below. You will find some explanation from several works.

From the sample above, now you know that every work has a different concern. So, that is why the detail is needed. Even though the working title is the same, but as long involves many parties will have a different focus to do.

3. Group Project and Person in Charge

Your role as a project manager is synchronizing everyone’s job. You are the one who responsible for the coordination in the whole process. If the project is executed by many people, you need to make a group. It helps you in monitoring the project progress as well.

It is impossible for you to communicate with all member. Therefore, you need someone called a group leader. He or she is a person in charge, regarding direction delivery to the bottom. This part is also specifying the works’ owner. Sometimes the manager will let the group leader frees to choose their member.

4. Tracking Status

You have added all works to finish, the people to do, also a group leader (if needed). It is time for you to set the target. You can start by setting the deadline and progress status. For example, you have a full-year project, you must divide each progress monthly. Then, you extract the target weekly and daily.

It is good for you in the evaluation. You can notice which work is done, in progress, and delayed. This extra table is needed if you really concern to the process. Find the template sample below. It is more complete than in the previous number. Also, it is the project task list template excel downloadable. Easier to adjust as your condition.

5. Budget and Cost

Some people don’t make this table in their project task list template excel. They think this part is not that necessary. But once you are trusted to project success, you must be very detail, including about the budget and cost. You definitely won’t be losing because using your money for the company’s project.

Making a budget and cost also prevents the project becomes over-budget. A not well-planned project often costs more than it is predicted before. Then the project is possibility postponed to be continued, or even worst be stopped.

Project Task List Template Excel

Project Task List Template Excel
Project Task List Template Excel

Another thing you can do is coloring your project task list template excel. This signifies which is prioritized, accomplished, also need a further discussion. By just seeing your list, you will directly know what to do. Don’t forget to explain all the contents of the list. Make sure everyone gets the point about what is written inside.

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