20 Examples of Personal Statement Draft and Basic Things You Don’t Want To Skip

Personal statement draft is needed when you’re going to apply on a university or job. Inside it, you’ll need to include your “original” statement to apply. With hope that it’ll help you to get the chance you want. However, not everyone understands how to make a personal statement. Hence, we’ll explain things you must include when making a personal statement draft.

The Life Background

First of all, the selectors will need you to tell your stories. How many your sisters or brothers,  your family condition, what wonderful things you’ve through, and many else. From your life background, the selectors would know what kind of person you are. They even could know whether you’re tough or not, by reading your life on the introduction of a personal statement.

The Education History

Mentioning education history is important to make sure you’re capable of. In this topic, you can tell how you did your daily studies, or even how you pay it. However, mention only educations that are relevant to your appliance. For example, you’re applying for a nursing study. You can mention your previous education like the Red Cross training or kind of.

The Thoughts

After you write about your background and education, then you need to express your thoughts. You can use any thoughts appear on your mind, but make sure it’s relatable to your personal statement’s goal. Read this example:

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Since I was a kid, I’m really interested in helping people. When I watched Harry Potter help innocent people, I wanted to be like him. I now know he’s not real but Harry Potter has given me desire to be a hero. A hero for deprived people around us.

The Reason to Apply

The next thing you need to include on your personal statement draft is the reason to apply. After you share a slight of your thought, now try to relate it with your reason of applying. In the previous point, you’ve shared your desire to help people. The next thing you have to do is make this desire related to your study choice. The study options you can choose based on your desire such as social science, doctor, or cultural studies.

The Chosen Appliance Target

This is the most important one. When writing your personal statement draft, don’t forget to mention where you’ll apply it. Don’t only write things about yourself and forget to whom you write. Moreover, tell why you choose them. Show their special quality that makes you choose them.

For example, you choose North Carolina University to be your studying place. On your personal statement, tell what makes you choose it. Explain how the university you choose to apply your studies better than others.

The Study Object (And Why Interested With It)

After mentioning the chosen place, you need to explain the study object you choose. Make sure you include the reason for taking it. Also, mention what you’ll do with this study object. It’s good if you can also tell what research you’ll do while studying the object.

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However, a personal statement is different from the research proposal. You don’t need to talk about your research as detail as in the proposal. Just tell why you’re interested to do the research.

The Proven Skills and Experiences

Last but still very important, you need to mention your capabilities. Don’t only mention your dreams, goals, desires, without showing that you’re capable to reach it. When you write a skill of yours, don’t forget to include the evidence. It’s okay if you include some photos or internet links on your personal statement.

Aside from skills, also mention your experiences, such as working and organization experience.

That’s all the things you must include on your personal statement draft. Besides adding the things above, don’t forget to improve your writing skills. Ensure your personal statement attracts people to get involved with you. As a reference, you can try to click on personal statement printable and personal statement pdf below.


Personal Statement Draft


Personal Statement Draft

Personal Statement Draft