20 Templates and Easy Way Make A Personal Statement Outline for Professional Job

Every personal statement should reflect the writer’s self-background. So, you cannot see the other applicants, because you have different views, experiences, and skills. Moreover, when you are in job searching, your personal statement outline must be outstanding. If it only shows a general explanation, the company can just read your CV anyway.

What is like a personal statement for a professional job? Shortly, it is a brief that explains your capability related to a certain position. It is different for internship purpose. While an internship is considered for the one who inexperienced one, the professional position is for a specific person.

Easy Way to Make by Your Own

Don’t be confused from the explanation above. Just start taking your pen and paper. Make a draft and here are steps to ease your mind:

1. Detail Yourself

This is a must and very basic part. Open your personal statement by introducing yourself. Quite an easy right? Don’t get confused about it. Just ask yourself about who you are, tell them in a professional way. Don’t repeat what you have written on the CV. In this part, likely you encourage the company to know you in formal conversation.

Get the personal statement outline samples below for people in a professional job search. May the samples could be your reference. Don’t stick to it, make your own based on this sample. As we mentioned before, every applicant has a different personal statement outline with the others.

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2. Explain Your Experience

Since you wasted your life for a job before, you must be having some things to share. Pick one or two interesting experience, then tell it. Let them know your contribution and accomplishment. It could be a project, your steps to achieve the KPI and others. Remember, the only related experience would attract the company.

Don’t tell all the accomplishments you had. Once it has no connection with the position you applied, your personal statement will be boring and not focus. Because the basic purpose of the personal statement is connecting your background to the job desk available. By telling the whole thing about your life doesn’t ease them as well.

3. Reflect Your Career Path

Seeking a new position means you dream a change. It is okay to tell them this desire. Explain your expectation from the position and the company. Tell them what you have done in the previous position in achieving your dream. They will look at you as a futuristic one.

But be careful in this part. We remind you not to be too ambitious. Choose proper words, terms, and sentences to describe your career path. Convince them that by joining this company will give them some advantages too. Get the samples of this part on following personal statement outline words format below. You can edit it and adjust to what you want.


4. Focus on Company’s Development

It is better for you to take a little research about the position you applied. Also, find out more information regarding the company itself. Its background, its concern, until its development plan. You have to understand the important roles of the available position for the company. Then, take some notes about it.

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Those materials could be included in your personal statement outline. They will think you have a same concern about the company’s goal. Act like you are already a part of them. Tell your contribution to their success. The following personal statement outline downloadable below is a good sample. See it and match to the company you interest in.

Personal Statement Essay

Personal Statement Essay

5. Humble Closing

Another important part of your personal statement outline is closing. All your great explanation before will be wasted if you cannot wrap it up amazingly. This means your personal statement must be memorable, unique, and genuine. By having some experience, be professional but keep humble in this part.

Many applicants start their personal statement with an incredible and persuasive opening. But sadly, in the end, they cannot impress the company. Show your high interest and wish to join the company. Ensure that they will not regret to hire you for that position.

20 Templates of Personal Statement for Professional Job

A personal statement is usually put on before your CV. It contributes to the decision, whether the company interests to know you more or not. Do many revisions on your personal statement outline is okay. The more you evaluate your draft, the more perfect it would be. Might the samples below could be your references:

personal Statement Outline

personal Statement Outline