20 Free Examples of Preventive Maintenance Schedule Template

A preventive maintenance schedule is the best tool you can use to improve your productivity. It is essential, especially if you have a business that works with lots of machines. By using preventive maintenance schedule, you’ll be sure when to check up the machines, cleaning, or doing regular maintenance. Don’t know how to make it? Just chill on, here are some tips for you, including preventive maintenance schedule template excel.

Understanding Preventive Maintenance Schedule Meaning

First, we have to know what preventive maintenance schedule is. It is a set of schedule contains a complete list about what kind of maintenance you must do and when to do it. Only a few companies know how to make a preventive maintenance schedule since they mostly use corrective maintenance system.

However, using corrective maintenance will give you more risk rather than a preventive system. If you just repairing your machines when they’re down, there’s a chance you’ll fail to make it up. Hence, using preventive maintenance is the best way to make your company keep working.

Best Tool To Make A Preventive Maintenance Schedule

So what’s the best tool to make a preventive maintenance schedule? Actually, there’s no exact format to make a schedule like that. Just choose which format that makes sense the most.

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However, most companies tend to use Microsoft Excel to make this kind of schedule. As we know, an ideal schedule must contain a list of what and when to do. Companies usually break down the list of maintenance activities for a year and decide what date they’ll be doing it. With Excel, they could use the rows to write the dates, and the columns to write the commotion list.

Tips To Make A Preventive Maintenance Schedule On Excel

Do you still feel difficult to make a preventive maintenance schedule on Excel? Don’t be worry, these are tips you can use to make an outstanding preventive maintenance schedule.

Find Out What Kind of Machines You Use

First of all, you need to know what kind of machines your company uses. What if you’re not a machine expert? The easiest way to know your machines type is to see how they work. For example, there are machines that can’t stop its production. Meanwhile, there are also machines needing some rest before you can use it again. Usually, unstoppable machines only need light treatment such as oiling. Repairing is needed if the machines suddenly stop.

Read The Machine Instructions (If Available)

If there, you can read the instructions that are included on your machine’s box. From the instructions, you could know how the machine works and kind of treatments it needs. This is much easier than doing the previous tip. So when you buy a new machine, don’t just drop the instructions leaflet on its box.

Break Down Maintenances The Machines Will Need

After knowing how your machines work, break down what kind of problems they’ll probably undergo. Prepare for the maintenance from now on. Break down the maintenances the machines will need, including who’s people can do it.

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Determine The Time You’ll Do Each Maintenance

After deciding how many maintenances needed and who’s people accountable, you need to determine its time. Most companies will directly make a year schedule. So they could monitor the machines condition and its maintenance cost before making a financial report and arranging next year’s budget.

Write Down The Schedule On Excel

The easiest way to make a proper schedule is by using Excel. You just need to write the maintenances list, highlight the dates to do it and print it later on. If you’re unsure to make it, you can use preventive maintenance schedule template Excel at the end of this article.

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