20 Product Price List Templates And Tips To Make The Perfect Ones

Tips On Making Perfect Product Price List

A simple list of the offered products and their price would give the customer a clear picture of what you offer. This simple feature could give benefits to your business, but at the same time could save you some time. And we know, although customers are important, most of the time they could ask for trivial matters about the product and its price. For that matter, you should create a product price list for your business. Here some useful tips you could use:

When creating a product price list, you have to look at the product or service you offer and the quality you could provide. From there, you could value and rate your price. If you couldn’t decide, then you could take a peek at your competitor’s. You could compare some prices for the same category product with yours, and decide your price from there. Here are some tips you could use:

1. Input Product Description and Picture

Although it named a price list, it’s not only listing product price, but the product description is also important. The reason is it would give the customer a good understanding of the product and the price listed. Or better yet, you also display the product picture for the customer to see. And another function of this, your customer wouldn’t need to contact you on every occasion and ask about the detail on the product.

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2. Create Comparison Price List

If you’re offering several products or service in your business, you could make a comparison list. Make a simple table chart to differ in each product. By listing the different product with their features, some customers might want to buy more than one. Aside from the comparison list of your products, you could also make a comparison list against your number one competitor. But in this list, you should state on what your products advantage compared to the competitor products.

3. Master List for Track Keeping

Although you have the price list for your product to display for the customers, you still need another list for track keeping. You could call this as a master list. The purpose of this list is to make sure you have all the record on your products’ price since the first one and all the raising. And to create it, the spreadsheet could do a good job. Not to mention, it easy to edit if you need to input more data.

4. Flexible File Format

And lastly, if you’re opening your online service and have to put the price list on the website, you surely would like to provide the catalog product. That way, the customer could download the catalog price list. And to do that, the product price list PDF file format is the best. But, don’t make the PDF in Adobe format, because you would have difficulty when there some change in the price list.

Product Price List Templates

Make sure to make the price list template in a simple design. And the ideal template is the linear list. The reason is that it would be easier to look and your customer wouldn’t get difficulty if they want to track up and down while choosing the product. Also, from the other business owners experience, if you put a complicated price list could drift the customer away because they couldn’t read the list clearly in the first three seconds. For more understanding, you could look at the sample templates below.

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By providing the product price list, you can save more time for other things to do. Instead of answering the customers’ question on the products and the prices, you could use the time for another task. The reason is that the product information and the price provided in the price list, thus you would get lesser questions about those matters.