20 Free Blood Type Diet Chart To Make Your Diet Successful

Do you often find your diet becomes a failure? If the answer is yes, you might need a blood type diet chart. With this chart, you’ll know anything you need to make your diet success. It’ll be like a best friend that shows you what to eat and what to avoid.

Want to know more? Before going any further, let’s talk about it from the start.

What is the Blood Type Diet?

Blood type diet rules to do diet according to the blood type you have. Peter D’Adamo, a doctor as well as a naturopath, founded the theory. He said that by using the blood type diet chart, your diet would become easier. If you think your diet seems meaningless, that’s probably because you didn’t consider your blood type from first.

Is the Blood Type Diet Theory Logical?

This is also the question from a million people. Is it makes sense to use blood type as diet reference? Lucky for you, it’s yes. We don’t need to prove you a set of research theory and findings. We don’t want you to get bored. The simple proof is this theory has become a phenomenon. It got praises from both journal publishers and scientists.

What You Should and Shouldn’t Eat According To The Blood Type Diet

According to D’Adamo, there are foods and drinks, which each blood type should and shouldn’t eat. This depends on several things, such as blood history and how each type cope up with the diseases. Want to know more about your blood type should and shouldn’t eat? This is the information.

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For The Blood Type A

From the theory, blood type A has a very high necessity for carbohydrates. However, their digest mechanism impedes carbohydrates – as well as the animal protein – to be digested well. Hence, among other blood types, A is the most frequent one to be found fatty. If A-blood people don’t want this to happen to them, they should eat more vegetables.

For The Blood Type B

Converse with the blood type A, B tends to be the strongest blood type of the rest. B blood people usually have better protection physically as well as mentally. About the food restriction, B has to avoid grains, tomatoes, and peanuts.

For The Blood Type AB

Type AB is the combination of A and B. Sometimes it could have the strength of B, but with high need of being vegetarian. Rather than A or B, AB becomes blood with the rarest fat potential. What they must avoid the most are alcohol and caffeine.

For The Blood Type O

Before the B, O blood type is the best blood when it comes to food processing. If AB gets low fat because of their food tolerance, O could eat anything without afraid of getting fat. This makes the O people tend to have an ideal body, even if they eat more than anyone does. However, O is the weakest blood in its immune system.

The Advantage of Blood Type Diet Chart

What is the advantage of the blood type diet chart then? This chart doesn’t only contain your food advice and restrictions. Usually, the blood diet chart will give you hints about another healthy lifestyle. Such as the ideal exercise to you, what snacks to be eaten, and so on. As long as you obey the rules your diet chart advises, you don’t need to worry about your diet.

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Blood Type Diet Chart Printable Examples

Want to have your own blood type diet chart? No need to worry. These are examples for you. If you want to print it directly, choose the blood type diet chart printable (see the links below). If you want a pdf version, click on the blood type diet chart pdf.


Blood Type Diet Chart

Blood Type Diet Chart

That’s all about the blood type diet chart. Starting now, don’t forget to consider your blood type before doing a diet to make it successful.