20 Awesome Curriculum Vitae Templates To Grab People Attentions Instantly

Curriculum vitae are the simplest way to get people to know you in a minute. It’s even more effective than introducing yourself directly. Because everyone who reads your CV only highlights the best things they search on you. Want to know more about CV? Not only a brief explanation, but we also have Curriculum Vitae templates for you.

Why Do People Need a CV?

In fact, everyone needs a CV. Whether to get a job, to apply for the scholarship, even to make acquaintance. What pity is how little people put concern on it. Mostly they don’t know exactly the usage of CV and how to put it as its best.

A CV is a document to tell about someone’s history. It includes the born date, address, gender, educational history, until achievements. For the readers, CV is important to give a slight profile about someone. For example, employers. In the selection phase, they usually ask CV to seek people with the most suitable profile. Then on the interview, they will clarify if the person indeed has the criteria he/she mentioned on the CV.

Things CV Should Contain

There are at least three type’s data you must include on a CV. They are general information, educational background, and work experience/personal achievement. In the general info, you must include full name, maternal name (if there), address, born place & date, email, and social media.

For educational background, you don’t need to write all the schools you’ve graduated. Instead, just write the latest institute you’ve enrolled in. If you ever join an informal study (such as work training), be pleased to add it on a CV. Notably, if it’s relevant to the thing you’re applying. For the complete explanation, you can read curriculum vitae templates in the last part.

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Is It OK To Use The Same CV?

Good question. There’s no formal restriction of using the same CV on any occasion. However, specifying your CV is better.

In fact, there are several types of CV based on its goal. They are educational CV, work CV, and a full CV. An educational CV is written for things like applying scholarship and stuff. When you write a CV to get a scholarship, it’s best to highlight your academic achievements. If you want to make a CV for applying for a job, highlight your previous work experience.

However, full CV is generally used by prominent figures. In full CV, you’re not only mentioning things that are relevant. But all the awards and experiences you’ve collected. See the curriculum vitae templates below.

Tips On Writing A Powerful CV

Nowadays, the contains of the CV isn’t the only thing used by people to value someone. CV design is also a matter. This is not surprising, actually. With the advance of technology as well as the designing software, creating a CV is easy.

Nevertheless, we want to give you some advice before you start to make your own CV. Just follow these tips.

Fit the CV with Your Goals

As mentioned, your CV must suit your aim to make it. If you’re going to be a speaker on an inspiring forum, it’s best to choose full CV type. Make sure you’re adaptive to what people search on your CV.

Make All The Achievement Clear

If you want to mention the achievements (whether it’s educational or career), make sure you write it clearly. For example, you’ve been a public relation staff for more than five years, or you’ve ever got an award as the best manager of the year.

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Use Suitable Design

Make a design for CV is easy. What makes it difficult is to find the most suitable one. Just make sure you don’t use striking color like red (you can still combine it, though).

Curriculum Vitae Templates For Usage

We’ve reached the end page of our discussion. For references, we have some curriculum vitae templates printable, curriculum vitae templates pdf, and many others. Click the samples of CV on the link below.

Curriculum Vitae Templates

Curriculum Vitae Templates

It is all about CV and templates you can use. Now, get ready to make a special CV for yourself.