5 Best Ways How to Create Student Evaluation Form

Usually this teacher and student relationship is not close, however superiority remains. Teachers must be an example for their students. This makes the teachers have a character that looks fierce in front of the students. Examples of attitudes like this should not happen. Worse is this teacher who will give an evaluation using the student evaluation form, so the students will get bad grades.

What Is Student Evaluation Form?

This form contains assessments conducted by a teacher of students one by one and carried out periodically. The assessment can be related to many things. Such as personality assessment in the classroom, achievements outside the classroom, assessment of subjects, etc.

Well, the pros and cons of the teacher’s assessment of students must actually put the character of the teacher before the students. Don’t be afraid of the teacher because the teacher likes to be angry, punishes. So before conducting a student evaluation, the teachers do an evaluation of themselves regarding how the teaching system is applied so far.

Ballet Student Evaluation Form

Ballet Student Evaluation Form

College Student Evaluation Form

College Student Evaluation Form

Elementary Student Evaluation Form

Elementary Student Evaluation Form

Internship Student Evaluation Form

Internship Student Evaluation Form


How To Create?

Before conducting a student evaluation, it is better to do an evaluation of the way the teacher is taught. The freedom of students in evaluating their teachers is rarely implemented by schools. There are students who are always the object of assessment.

This is caused by the assumption that the school is a place for student learning. Not a place for teacher learning. So that the fulcrum of fault is always with the students. If a student has bad grades, then his mistake is because he does not want to learn. Or does not want to obey the teacher’s orders, etc. Even though we can pull it out before blaming students. First know how to teach the teachers.

Maybe this seems to discredit the teachers who are seen as killer teachers in their schools. In every school if we find out from students we will definitely know there are teachers who they fear. Not because teachers are authoritative, but because teachers are fierce. And do not hesitate to give punishment to their students if they make mistakes.

Maybe such learning systems tend to be known in the teaching systems of ancient education.

But now, communication in the education system should be done both ways between teacher and student. So that educational communication is established in accordance with the rules of education. And students also feel comfortable to learn.

In providing an evaluation of the student evaluation form, you should first know how the student’s character is. Before entering the conclusion whether the child has bad or good grades. First understand how the character, how the family environment, etc.

This is part of the attention given by the teachers to the condition of their students. Of course the mental and characteristics of children are more influenced by the family. School is just a place where they study, not life science.

Gather information about the child in terms of understanding lessons at school. How he gets along with his friends, how he excels outside the classroom, etc. These points will help you as a teacher in giving an objective assessment of your students.

What Teachers Cannot do In Filling Out This Evaluation Form!

1. The teacher only sees data, does not see facts

Most teachers might prefer to give grades with numbers. They prefer to judge their students’ abilities based only on grades. Without them knowing where they can get those grades, how they learn, etc.

2. The teacher only hears information

The second mistake a teacher makes when making a student evaluation form is that the teacher only gets information from other teachers. Or other students he knows, without confirming the students he is grading.

3. The teacher only gives good grades to obedient children

Well, this often happens. Naughty children tend to be viewed subjectively by the teacher so they feel worthy of giving bad grades. Though it is good to find out first why he became a naughty child and did not want to obey the teacher’s rules.