20 Examples of Parental Consent Forms You’ll Want To See

Parental Consent Forms” term seems strange on most developing countries. However, at several advanced countries like the USA, the term is conversely familiar. It’s usual for kids at the US to ask parental consent to their Mom or Dad (or both). Since the government has given the chance to do this. However, what is exactly a parental consent? We bring the info to you.

Do We Need Parental Consent?

Parental consent is a sign of agreement from a parent or both for their children to do things. It doesn’t mean that once get the consent, the children could do anything they want. Since parental consent only can be applied for a few minor things. For example, making a tattoo, use piercing, and marrying.

The question is, do we really need this parental consent forms? At a glance, the decision to make it legal seems false. But the US government has approved the law. Besides, parental consent can be useful in some critical times.

Who’re People Can Give The Parental Consent To The Kids?

Parental consent can only be given by people who have the responsibility to take care of a claimant kid. It could be mother, father, guardian, or anyone who legally own the kid. Once kids get this consent, they can do anything according to the consent their parents agreed.

However, this is the reason why parental consent is dangerous. If the parents aren’t aware by this fact, their children would’ve gotten their assignment and do things they want. So it’s good for you to know first about parental consent forms, which will be discussed below.

The Limitations of Parental Consent

Parental consent gives children the privilege to ignore the law on several occasions. However, there are some limitations of parental consent. Read the detail below.

Only for The Minor Infraction

The minor infraction here means the rule disobedience by the kids. The rule-breaking deeds that can receive parental consent are only a little number. The disobedience such as abortion, marrying, pierce, and so on.  If the case is bigger, the parental consent can’t be given.

Just For The Sake of The Claimant Kids

Parental consent is made for the sake of claimant kids. What we mean kids here are they who ask for parental consent. However, as parents, mother or father must be aware when their kids ask for the consent.

Cannot Be Applied Except By The Parent’s Agreement

In order to process the applied document, we have to get the parent agreement first. Since parental consent will only be processed if the parents have assigned that. What if your kids become naughty and fake your handwriting? Make sure it won’t happen.

The Cautions Of Giving Parental Consent

On one side, people don’t like parental consent because it tends to be moral vulnerable. Which parents allow their kids to do abortion? Even in the US, the use of parental consent is still rare.

However, for you who helplessly have to use parental consent forms, these are cautions you should read.

  • Be aware of what your kids did. Using parental consent is not a sign of positive things. Hence, you get to keep your kids doing decent things. It’s better if you – after this fault – try to make the kids more homely.
  • Make sure they’ve learned after doing a fault. Having parental consent note is quite risky. So, ensure your kids have learned after making this fault.

Parental Consent Forms Example

We’ve entered the parental consent forms example. Below this, we’ve prepared some parental consent forms for you, from parental consent forms printable until parental consent form pdf. Just check it out!


Parental Consent Forms

Parental consent form for participation

Parental consent form for participation

Parental consent form for passport

parental consent form for passport

Parental consent forms template

parental consent forms template

Parental consent forms PDF

Parental consent forms 02

Parental consent form for research

Parental consent form for research

Parental consent forms for minors

Parental consent forms for minors


That is all the things about parental consent forms as well as the examples. Remember to only use parental consent when it’s critically necessary. If you haven’t had experiences of having kids that use parental consent, it’s best to prevent it happen from right now.