Thank You Email After Interview 20 Free Sample

Thank You Email After Interview

An interview may be a great or new experience for you. There is something you can do after do the interview. This way is to tell the interviewer that you really happy to get this opportunity and stay thanks to their time for you. If this is your first time, here are do’s and don’t while writing thank you email after interview.


Before writing the thank you email after interview, there are some tips to do to make the email more memorable. You can’t just say thanks for the interviewer time and say goodbye. Because maybe, this email can change their mind and then make you accepted for the job.

1. Express Appreciation

Express your appreciation for the interviewer time and the opportunity to have a great discussion in the interview. Sometimes an interview not only about asking people whether they are suitable or not to work there.

Some interviewer wants to know how people are thinking by asking some problem to discuss. It makes you can open your mind and be smarter than before.

This new information or new knowledge must be appreciated too. So don’t forget to write it in thank you email after interview as examples in this article.

2. Tell About Favourite Discussion in Interview

Further, you can tell the favorite part of the discussion. Maybe if you are applying for an architect job, the discussion is about a building’s structure.

Then your favorite part is when you discuss the structure and design of the office building. Tell them that this is interesting, it can enhance your knowledge about designing a better building or something else.

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3. Send Contact

You also can send a phone number or another contact. So they can easily contact you. This is important because some people don’t like to contact all the time through an email.

Maybe they want to chat or call to give great news about the job. Give phone number, another email, or address so they can easily contact you next time.

4. Make Sure That You Can Do The Job Well

To close the main thank you email, you can write about how well you can handle the job. Tell them that you have more than a capability.

You can say that your passion is getting the job. Not because of the amount of salary but because you really enjoy doing that.


After reading the do’s, now you must pay attention to the don’ts. If you do the thing on this list, how perfect your interview is the company may change their mind and cancel the good decision they’ve made before.

1. Paste It From Another Thank You Letter

You will be able to use the thank you email after interview printable in this article. But make sure to edit it and read before sending.

Because if you just paste it and not read again, there may be a mistake in it. Thank you letter must be written purely from the heart. Don’t underestimate it.

2. Lie

Don’t lie in any condition. Believe me, being honest is the best thing you can do. Whether in an interview, in small talks and also in this thank you letter.

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It would be bad if you lie or make some fake information. If people you lied to realize the truth you will regret it.

3. Too Long

Telling someone about an excitement may be hard to end. But make sure the letter not too long. It better if the letter still on a page so the interviewer don’t feel bored while reading it.

Make your sentences simple and clear enough. Read again the email before sending it. Make sure that you are not writing too long and using many confusing words.

Use this thank you email after interview pdf to be your reference and make your own one. Use the simple sentences to express your gratitude to have an opportunity to meet them in this thank you email after interview.


Thank You Email After Interview

Thank You Email After Interview