20 Emergency Contact List Template and Who Should be Included on The List for Your Family

No one ever expects something bad happened. But, just in case it comes to you, have you prepared for the emergency? One of the preparations is making an emergency contact list. Yes, it is needed for anyone to reach certain people in a situation. So, find below the 20 emergency contact list template.

You can hang the list on the fridge, put on the phone table, or anywhere easy to find. And the list must contain numbers of important parties. You cannot make the same list as your friend or your neighbor. Because you have a different concern about the urgent situation.

6 Important Parties Who Should be Included

There must be a lot of people who are reliable in your life. But since this emergency list is dedicated to your family, it must be important too for the whole member. These are parties might be needed by every person:

1. Doctor

Generally, people get panic in an emergency when the medical situation happens. For example, your baby is falling down from her bed, your husband gets hard to breath, or your mother found lying on the floor. You must be needing a first aid and a direction of what to do.

If you have a private doctor is good for you. They are the right people to call first. It would be better when you have several specialist doctors, such as a pediatrician, an internist, a dentist, etc. The more contactable they are, especially in the middle of the night, the calmer your life would be.

2. Hospital

Besides the doctors, it is also important to add hospital contact. Write more than three hospitals around you. It gives you more options when one of them is fully loaded. You can choose and move to another hospital. Or, when the doctor schedule does not match with your time, you still have another place to go.

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Here the emergency contact list template samples included the hospital with its doctor contact:


You don’t have to follow exactly the same as that. The sample above is just a reference for you to compile the contacts.

3. Security Officers

This part is used to be the first in mind when making an emergency contact list template. A security officer is not always a police officer. It could be the officer around your residence or blocks. As long as they have official authority, you can add them into the list.

You can detail it by writing their location. Even better if you know the person in charge and their department contact. So, you can call them directly without having through the operator.

4. Transportation

Do you think transportation contact is not necessary? Well, you must be never in a hurry situation anyway. It is definitely needed, not only when you are rushing, but also in the middle of the night or for planning tomorrow. Put in taxi contacts will help you to plan your work or trip.

Just like the hospital contact, do not only have one provider. The more you have, the easier you get your transportation. Also, write the various type of customer service transportation, like airlines, taxi, train, and others.

5. Family Members

Add the family member you want to contact in the first time. The list should include all the information about them. Their cell phone, office, and department contact, office address, school, and another thing to be reached easily. Besides a security officer and a hospital, the best memory to call is the family member.

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But the emergency contact list template is different from a phone book. Just because you add family members, doesn’t mean the whole relatives you included too. Find its difference by seeing emergency contact list template printable below:


6. Close Neighbor

The other people you may contact in an emergency is your friends. They are the other close part besides your family. They could be your best friend or neighbors. It is better if their house is near you. They can come as soon as you need.

Your friend or neighbor should notify when you really need them. It is greater if you have a special code among them. So, when you feel threatened, it is not obviously detected you see help from outside.

Make sure all your family member knows the people on the list, how to reach them, their location, and the possibility to help. Also, put the emergency contact list template after completed on the place that is easy to see, to reach, and to access.

20 Emergency Contact List Template

After you see several samples above, here we give you another sample of the templates. Hopefully, it enriches your reference to make one:

Emergency Contact List Template

Emergency Contact List Template