Six Steps To Do SWOT Analysis Nursing And 5 Free Printable Templates

Here are 6 steps to do SWOT analysis Nursing and the document example. SWOT can be a way to know how well the company is. This analysis method will describe the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats. This method is simple and easy to use by student, nurse, and anybody who needs evaluation for their company.

Six Steps To Do SWOT Analysis Nursing

This method contains 6 analysis of SWOT to detect the problem and enhance the program’s effectivity.

1. Make an Analysis of the Nursing Management

The first thing to do this method is analyzing the management itself. Start with defining the objectives of the company.

Expand the objectives to a list. From this list, you can state what things the company must provide to actualize those objectives.

Usually, some basics objectives of nursing management or service are giving the fastest service, help people to get medical assistance and etc. Adjust this objective to your own company.

The more objectives you get, this analysis will be easier. Don’t worry to have a long list because if it’s not necessary you can simply eliminate it from the list.

2. Collect The Data And Write It On a Paper

The next step is to write the objectives in a piece of paper. Collect the data and you will have a long list of nursing management.

If necessary, divide the data into a few groups. For example, service data, IT data, medicine bank data, and etc.

To help you brainstorm here is some example of the SWOT analysis nursing document. It’s free to download but don’t just copy paste it because every management system has its own characteristic.

3. Classify Which Is The Strength and Weakness

After collecting a long list and groups, start to classify which is the strength and weakness. An aspect includes strength if there is no complaint from the customer or patient.

Or if the management is sure that the program is unique and need to develop. Then the weakness is when a program gain so much complaints from the customers.

Especially if this is the main program. For example, the nurse to patient service is too slow. Or the payment flow is too complicated. Look for the weakness of some main programs and then write it in the table of SWOT.

4. Find A New Opportunity

To enhance the strength or resolve the problem of a company, you must find some opportunities to grow. For example, if the payment system is too complicated, there is a way out. Use a single bank account and an IT system to collect the payment and money in a place.

This is a new opportunity that can write in SWOT table. As what you can see from SWOT analysis nursing example, opportunity can become a new strength of the company. Because actually, this is a plan to grow and develop the company.

5. Find The Threats

After solving the weakness problem, you must know what threats the nursing management.  For example, a hospital may lose their patient’s trust. Because there is a case in the past which one of the patients receives expired medicine.

This problem may occur from medical management. Even this is just an accidental situation, it can make the hospital loss their patient. Write this on threats part then try to find the solution.

6. Write a Report

The report’s form is a table which contains 4 groups. In this post, you can download some example. And use the template for your own report.

Simply edit it on your computer. Write all the data you’ve collected before. And make the company grows bigger and better.

Example Of SWOT Analysis Nursing

Download the document, Excel, or PDF template to make your work easier. This SWOT method also can use to evaluate personal value. You can use this SWOT analysis nursing template, and adjust it to your personal needs.

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