35 Catching Letter of Interest Template and Tips to Make It Successful

When we talk about a job opportunity, what comes in our mind is a set of requirements to meet the company’s need. When anyone interested in the opportunity, he/she must at least have criteria that meet the requirements. The problem is, sometimes companies don’t include this onto the vacancy they share. In this time, we need to make a letter of interest to get further info from the company. How to make it then? What exactly the point of interest letter? See what we’ve got for you.

The Point of Making Letter of Interest

As namely, an interest letter is made to show that you’re interested in a particular vacancy a company offers. When you send the letter, it means that you want to know further about the job. Or offer your qualities that might meet the job’s criteria. In short, the aim of making a letter of interest is like a job proposal.

However, what differs the letter with a job proposal is the certainty of the job’s requirements. In the proposal, you’ll show how you meet the eligibility criteria. Meanwhile, in the letter, you’re looking for if your capabilities meet the requirements.

In What Terms You Need A Letter of Interest To Apply for Job?

Most companies will describe each requirement they need on the vacancy announcement. However, there are a few companies doesn’t use this rule. At the announcement, they’ll usually just mention the available vacancy and ask you to send your CV.

This is the time where you need the letter of interest. Send it with your best CV. Tell them why you think you fit the position they offer.

Things To Be Included on The Letter of Interest

There are things you must include in the interest letter. Since it’s rare for companies to get a letter, make sure you have a strong reason why you send it. These are things you need to include.

The Addressed Person

You couldn’t just send the interest letter on the company, without writing which person you’re addressing it. If you just write the company’s name, it’ll be unsurprising if you don’t get the feedback. They might don’t find a suitable person to read the letter.

Conversely, send your interest letter to someone responsible in the company. It can be the head division where the vacancy available. Or someone who generally handle the recruitments, such as HRD.

The Reason for Sending The Letter

You must find a strong reason why you send an interest letter. Write as if you don’t understand what requirement their vacancy, and you’re curious if your abilities can fulfill it.

Skills and Experiences

This is the most important thing you must write: your skills and experiences. Mostly, someone who sends a letter of interest is confident that he/she will get the job. So make sure you indeed have the skills to fill the job, also a reputable experience if you have.

Your Contact Info

At last, don’t forget to write about how the company can reach you. Include your contact info such as address, email, or telephone number.

Tips To Write an Attractive Letter of Interest

There are some tips you have to remember if you want to get a job through the letter. Follow these tips if you want to make the company attracted with you.

  • Keep the interest letter short. Remember, you’re not writing a job proposal. Rather than using a full page, limit your writing by 3 to 4 paragraphs.
  • Always open with the other possibilities. Sometimes the company will be interested in you but doesn’t think you fit the job you’ve asked. So include in your letter if you’re okay to get other jobs than you’ve proposed.

Letter of Interest

Letter of Interest

Letter of Interest Template

Letter of Interest Sample

To help you better understand how to make the letter of interest, we’ll give you some samples. You can choose whether you want a letter of interest printable or letter of interest pdf. Just click on below. It is all we can explain the letter of interest and how to make it. Write your letter now and go get your dream job!