30 Free Desirable Marriage Contract Sample

When you are planning to marry someone, is it necessary to make a marriage contract? Or is it too much because you believe the happily ever after? Today’s some couples have this agreement to protect them self from the bad. They never know whether the divorce will happen or not.

By making this contract doesn’t mean you plan for separation. It is just protection so divorce won’t be painful. Marriage contract stipulates the rights and duties after separation, including the deal about property and debt.

The Marriage Contract

About the marriage contract, it is just about separating your wealth. Some points need to be concerned too. Know more details about this contract from these following points:

1. Not A Child Custody

A marriage contract is different from child custody after divorcement. Known as “prenup” or “prenuptial agreement”, this document only talks about your issues with your partner at the end of the relationship. It could be made when you are planning a marriage or after you had it.

If separation happens, you will make another written document called “child custody agreement”. It is based on your current condition and what’s best for your children. In the other hand, your marriage contract template would include assets and debts matter, property sharing, until spousal support.

2. Who was Involved?

For sure, you and your partner are the main parties. Then, you need a hand from a lawyer. The lawyer will be your mediator. She or he is the one who makes the document legally used. If you are hard to find a right lawyer, you might contact a consultant. There are so many marriage consultants now.

Before you go to the lawyer, it is best to know what is like this agreement. You may find the samples on this marriage contract printable below:

Marriage Contract
Marriage Contract

Have a seat with your partner and discuss what’s important between you two. Be calm and talk like an adult. Discussing a marriage contract doesn’t mean you have a short-term love with each other.

3. When is The Right Time?

You must be wondering when is the best time to make this agreement? Some couples are afraid to make it before the wedding’s party. They won’t ruin the party plan. But honestly, 4 months before is the right time. Both you need time to discuss a good decision.

Have you printed the marriage contract pdf above? Click this link to have more samples. They are free to be customized based on your needs. After the draft is completed, re-evaluate the points. Negotiate if you feel a pressure on one party. The lawyer will also help you both by giving wise advice.

4. Make It Legal

Even the contract based on you and your partner agreement, you should make it legal. So, if the divorce happens, this contract could be applied legally valid under the law. Once one of you denies any points written, you are possibility sued by law.

It is good for you two if have a different lawyer. It avoids one spouse later saying that she or he did not get the point of the agreement. Each lawyer will make clear for their client. Having a different lawyer will also make the agreement equal. No points are harming one party.

5. Possibly Cancelled

Marriage contract automatically legal right after signing. The parties who sign are you, your spouse, the lawyers, and the presence of a witness. The witness could be only one, but it is better from each of you and your spouse. But however, this agreement is possibly canceled due to certain reasons.

One of the conditions could be when you and your spouse decide to cancel all agreed points. Both you confirm to the lawyer to abort the contract. For different couples, they set some cancellation agreement points regarding their concern. It could be different for each couple.

30+ Templates of Marriage Contract

May now you consider the importance of marriage contract. The marriage contract pdf format is already available for you. Any contract could be broad or very simple. Keep in mind that this contract is used to satisfy each other of marriage. Not a tool in planning a divorce with your love one.


Marriage Contract Sample 01
Marriage Contract Sample 01


Marriage Contract Sample 02
Marriage Contract Sample 02


Marriage Contract Sample 03
Marriage Contract Sample 03


Marriage Contract Sample 04
Marriage Contract Sample 04


Marriage Contract Sample 05
Marriage Contract Sample 05


Marriage Contract Sample 06
Marriage Contract Sample 06


Marriage Contract Sample 07
Contract of Marriage Sample 07


Marriage Contract Sample 08
Contract of Marriage Sample 08
Marriage Contract Sample 09
Contract of Marriage Sample 09
Marriage Contract Sample 10
Contract of Marriage Sample 10
Marriage Contract Sample 11
Contract of Marriage Sample 11
Marriage Contract Sample 12
Contract of Marriage Sample 12
Marriage Contract Sample 13
Contract of Marriage Sample 13
Marriage Contract Sample 14
Contract of Marriage Sample 14
Marriage Contract Sample 15
Contract of Marriage Sample 15
Marriage Contract Sample 16
Contract of Marriage Sample 16
Marriage Contract Sample 17
Contract of Marriage Sample 17
Marriage Contract Sample 18
Contract of Marriage Sample 18
Marriage Contract Sample 19
Contract of Marriage Sample 19
Marriage Contract Sample 21
Contract of Marriage Sample 21
Marriage Contract Sample 22
Marriage Contract Sample 22
Marriage Contract Sample 24
Marriage Contract Sample 24
Marriage Contract Sample 25
Contract of Marriage Sample 25
Marriage Contract Sample 26
Contract of Marriage Sample 26
Marriage Contract Sample 27
Contract of Marriage Sample 27
Marriage Contract Sample 28
Contract of Marriage Sample 28
Marriage Contract Sample 29
Contract of Marriage Sample 29
Marriage Contract Sample 30
Contract of Marriage Sample 30
Marriage Contract Sample 31
Contract of Marriage Sample 31
Marriage Contract Sample 32
Contract of Marriage Sample 32