20 Excellent Monthly Calendar Template Free

A monthly calendar template will make us easier to arrange something. A calendar is one of the most important tool in our daily life. Our daily basis cannot be apart with dates and days. Therefore, a calendar is something that we need to have at home and at work.

There are several things that you have to know before creating a calendar template. Those things will help you to make your template more understandable.

What Things that you must consider when creating the template

Below are five things that you must consider when creating the template.

Font Size And Color

Font always has an important role in creating a calendar template. Make a difference between the font size of month and day. You might make the month’s font size bigger than the day. However, you have to make the year’s font size as big as the month’s size.

Font size refers to what you want to emphasize. The other thing that you have to look at is the color. Month and date refer to something different. Therefore, their font color should be different. This is also the reason why their size is different too.

Font color is an emphasizer and so does font size. Thus, these two things play an important role. They show which one is the month, year and date in your monthly calendar template.


The next thing that you should pay attention is where you should put a highlight. Just like the font size and color, the highlight is also an emphasizer. To show the difference between date and days, we use to highlight. Give a highlight for days to make the difference.

Moreover, the highlight could also be a symbol of grouping. You group dates by their days. This is why you use to highlight. In addition, highlight could also mean important events. Using highlight just like to give a sign there is something important on a certain date.


There are many kinds of model of monthly calendar template PDF or printable. It depends on what model you want. Keep in mind that each model has a different style though the same function. The template makes it easier to arrange a schedule. Moreover, it’s also attracted.

A bunch of models that you can use such as the highlight only on days. However, there is also a table showing a different color for days, date and month. This is very unique. Apart from its usage, it adds beauty. Therefore, this kind of template is not boring.

Children love something colorful. Thus, a colorful calendar template could be a choice. On the other hand, adults love something normal but elegant. Therefore, a bunch of calendar template model could be their reference.


A picture also has an important role in a template. Take it for example if there is a certainly blessed month for yourself. You can also give that month a special picture that will show your hope. In addition, January is always a new month every year.

You could also give a very special picture in this month. Apart from a picture representing a month, it could also represent something else. Using a picture in your calendar template in every month will give fresh air. Once you open a new month, then a new picture comes out.


You can add some special events in your monthly calendar template. Give a sign such as a different color in a date or highlight. That way will make you easier to remember what happened on the date.

Some events might be sound important for some people. Take it, for example, a celebration and Independence day that must be there in a calendar. That’s why you could mention some important events you have to remember in a template.

No matter monthly calendar template printable or pdf that you have. All kind of calendar template has the same purpose.

Example of Monthly Calendar Template

Monthly Calendar Template

Monthly Calendar Template

Monthly Calendar Template Excel

2019 monthly calendar template excel

Monthly Calendar Template 2020
Monthly Calendar Template 2020

Monthly Calendar Template Editable

Monthly Calendar Template Editable

Monthly Calendar Template Word

Monthly Calendar Template Word

Blank Monthly Calendar Template



Blank Monthly Calendar Template